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Comments on the KC game from mlssoccer's Greg Lalas

"Fire and Rain

Okay, I'm flummoxed. I have no idea what to make of this Chicago Fire team.

At moments, they are a flowing, languid example of why it's called the beautiful game. At other times, they make even the guy who wrote Soccer for Dummies shake his head. For one thing, and this hasn't been mentioned much, Carlos de los Cobos has tinkered with his lineup and formations constantly. Is Brian McBride a starter or not? Is it better to go with one or two forwards on the road?

Some of this is new-coach syndrome. But some of it seems to be avoidance. At some point, DLC should at least try McBride and Collins John up top together again now that John has some time with the team under his belt.

Lastly, goalkeeper Andrew Dykstra needs to find some consistency. Like Philadelphia's Chris Seitz, he is capable of both the sublime and the subpar. I don't want to blame him outright, but I feel like he could've done better on both goals against Kansas City."


Looks like the Thierry Henry/Juan Pablo Angel pairing is closer to reality in New York. 


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  • I almost agree with the too, Fire have yet to find their game. Like I said before we got 6 home games to figure out some stuff and after that if things go well lets hope we get to be a wild card...

  • I just like that he used the word "flummoxed".

  • In reply to cesba:

    How many points is that on Scrabble. I am definitely going to use it on my next Scrabble game :)

  • In reply to cesba:

    I myself am getting a little worried about DLC. He is using actual games to figure out the players. I think he is on a two year plan. I would tell him to find other ways of figuring out the team because once playoff starts its gonna be too late.

    Now don't get mad everybody, but let me say that I am predicting that Thierry Henry is gonna be a bust here at MLS. Here is why:

    *Thierry is a phenome, he is use to playing an articulate style of European futbol. Here he is gonna get dirty with the dawgs and play a pure strain of prime-evil style of futbol. e.g. Did you see the face of Collins when he did not get the PK call. That look on his face was priceless, but hey that is the MLS for ya.
    * Thierry will belong to the MLS not the Red Bulls. That means they are gonna milk his soul for all it's worth while he is under contract. Some players can handle the marketing blitzes like Becky but not everyone is Becky. Even he got out of playing for the Galaxy. Now don't tell me because he needed to qualify for the World Cup. I will have to file it under my "yeah, right!" file.

  • In reply to Janjo:

    If Thierry still has his speed, or close to it, then he can be successful for the rest of this season. I dont think he has a desire to play here to make the game grow like Beckman said he does. Henry will be shocked at the level of referring that happens here. He is going to go from playing everyday with Messi, Ibra, Xavi, Iniesta to playing with the NYRB. No matter how much he has lost a step or on the outs at Barcelona, he will not be prepared for the level of play in this league. He will probably hate it.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Guillermo, I agree with your post except for the "flowing, languid example of why it's called the beautiful game" part.

    I don't think it's *necessarily* a bad thing for CdlC to be tinkering with the lineup, I'm more irked by the crappy play and lack of concentration by the players. Whether you spent last week on the bench or not, as a professional defender you should remember to mark a forward in the box.

  • In reply to manyou07:

    The "flowing-languid" post are the words of Greg Lalas.

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