Krol Takes The Stand, TFC/KC, Sueno MLS


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Krol in Action

Just because Krzystof Krol was not on the field Saturday it doesn't mean he wasn't active.  Krol joined Section 8 during the game and even took to the capo stand.  More pics below......

Section 8 on Tour

The Fire is on the road for the next two matches in Toronto and Kansas City before returning home for the Sister Cities Tournament.  Section 8 is travelling to both games and buying a bus ticket gets you free food, free beer, and free merchandise.  Click here for info.

Sueno MLS Finalists

The 15 finalists participating in Sueno MLS have been announced.  The contest's Final Event will be televised live on Univision's Republica Deportivo on May 9.  Finalists representing the Chicago Fire's camp are Oscar Barraza of Elgin, IL, Juan Celleri of Chicago, Vicente Jaramillo of Detroit, MI, Erick Jimenez of Chicago, and Miguel Moncada of Jackson, TN. 


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  • All I have to say is I was very suprised to see him there. It was cool for him to show up and cheer with section 8.

  • Not so fast... those of us who grew up at the old Comiskey remember those days well. And i agree with you, the Fire are an accessible team who will reach out to the fans.

  • It was fun having him up there with me, surprisingly he knew "vamos la m

  • In reply to Chow:

    That is awesome. Me and my brother went to the Fire "Meet the Team." We had a good time talking to the players, announcers and De Los Cobos. De Los Cobos played for Team Mexico with Hugo Sanchez in the 1986 World Cup and played for Club America in the mid 70's.

  • In reply to Chow:

    American soccer players are great. They aren't arrogant and they appreciate the fans they have. They're glad to sign an autograph for a kid and I've never seen one ask for money in return. This is one of the reasons I love MLS. It's like my own personal league: not polluted by the mainstream media or overly crowded and expensive at the games. It's the right size.

  • In reply to Chow:

    Chow, I don't know you personally but it seems like Vamos La Maquina Roja is one of your favorites

  • hey dj, I am 29 years old and I knew who Bill Veeck was. He had a son, Mike, was a PR director of the Tampa Bay Rays in the early 2000's. Bill Veeck was an innovator and creative of the game of baseball. 40 years ago, Veeck was the guy that wanted interleague play, wild card and formed spring training non roster invitees for players who were looking for work. Selig took Veeck's ideas and the stupid media is giving Selig credit for a proposal that was brought up by someone else back the 70's. Selig got credit for was marketing steroid users as heroic figures. Sorry, I went off track with the Veeck topic, soccer players here in America appreciate fans that care. This is why soccer is a beautiful thing instead of these multimillion dollar players in baseball, football, hockey and basketball don't care about the fans and it is all about themselves. Out of all the major sports, soccer has the best fan base and enjoy meeting them in person in their annual meet the team. In the early 90's, Reds pitcher Tom Browning was sitting on top of the roof tops and greeted fans (like Krol is doing). Suddenly, the Reds organization was not happy for what he did and MLB either fined him or suspended him. Can you imagine if Don Garber would had fined Krol like MLB did to Browning.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    With the Browning incident, in 1993, he was fined by Reds manager Davey Johnson $500. He was wearing his Reds uniform that day vs. the Cubs.

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