Fire vs PSG

Those of you waiting to get a look at rookie goalkeeper Sean Johnson in game action should purchase a ticket for tomorrow's Sister Cities Tournament games.  Johnson will start against Paris Saint Germain in the first match at 7 pm.

According to Carlos De Los Cobos, the usual starters will see playing time in the first 45 minutes. 



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  • Now it is the time for Sean John to showcase that he can push Dykstra for some playing time down the road. He looks like a Donovan Ricketts type goalkeeper. This game will be his first test.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    I think it's a good idea to put Johnson in a game situation. Given Dykstra's inconsistent performances so far, it is pretty clear that Busch was not released because Dykstra had passed him on the depth chart. If de los Cobos really thought that Dykstra was a better goalie than Busch right now, then I have to question his ability to judge talent. I don't believe that Dykstra is the clear No. 1 at this point.

  • Let's also not jump to conclusions if he has a bad game. He will be playing PSG.

  • I personally can't wait till tomorrow, I got 16 family and friends going with me. Should be a lot of fun. 3rd row corner kick Harlem end, man I going to talk so much smack...

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