Blanco in Chicago least for one night


Before Mexico's friendly against Senegal last night the Chicago Fire presented Cuauhtemoc Blanco with a gift wishing him well at the World Cup.  The box appears too small to contain a contract offer.  En Fuego has details on the gift.

According to Blanco he would entertain an offer to return.  Indications are that an offer has not been made at this point.

Carlos De Los Cobos was also in attendance at the match. 


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  • I wonder if Blanco will accept an offer from the Fire on a short term basis. With Conde's contract is up for grabs, they can use a DP on a midfielder that is a playmaker and McBride's game is starting to decline right in front of our eyes. What is McBride's contract status?

  • In reply to longoria3:

    McBride signed a one year deal in the off season.

  • Guillermo, Do you have any numbers on attendance last night?

    I'm always amazed when the sports radio people ignore such a big sporting events as when the Mexican national team comes to town.

    What other team (or sport)--except for the Bears--could draw 60,000 for an exhibition game?

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    60,610 were in attendance last night. Unfortunately sports radio people would ignore it even if there were 160,000 in attendance.

  • Mike Mulligan is a soccer fan. He occasionally will talk about soccer for a minute or two. Waddle and Silverman also mention the game occasionally. I'm sure the Big Ten Network talk was riveting.

  • From comments on Blanco

  • 60k is amazing for a game with mexico and senegal, but i guess it would have been worse if the yanks were playing:( That's something that really upsets me when there are more away fans than home fans. I can't wait til the day that I'm dreaming about, when there's a sellout crowd at a Gold Cup(or World Cup)Final at Soldier Field and 70,000 people are singing God Bless America.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I understand your point, but I really don't care that Mexico will out-draw the USMNT in Chicago.

    I don't really want to get into a political discussion; BUT the fact that the mainstream media largely ignores 60k people watching a futbol game in Chicago tells me that there is a large, strong population of fans that are not recognized as being very important in the social/economic life of the city.

    Chicago (and the US, for that matter) is lucky to have a large population of (probably) recent immigrants who are passionate about El Tri. It adds to the vitality of the city and should be celebrated.

    I think the MLS is making strides to cultivate immigrant fans and would like to see them go further. It seems like smart business and is clearly reflective of where we are going as a society.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Good points. I think the Fire & MLS are making strides in their efforts to reach out to this huge untapped pool of possible MLS supporters. I've heard that 41% of people who attend Fire games are Hispanic.....if the Fire can continue to reach the portion of the population that supports El Tri it will only bode well for the team and the league. Unfortunately the mainstream media does not recognize this. The ignorance of the mainstream media may start to explain why newspapers and local television newscasts are a dying medium.
    I too would love see a day when the USMNT can play at home with 60,000 supporters cheering them on. If the program continues on it's current path of slow and steady improvement we may start to see more support. That support would grow exponentially if the USMNT ever makes a deep run into the World Cup semi-finals or (gasp) the finals. You'll see the band wagon flag wavers become fans. Look what winning some games did for the Blackhawks.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Guillermo, What did you think of that Peter Wilt article you linked to that "predicted" that within 20 years we would see a merged MLS/Mexican Premeria league with 2 divisions and relegation?

    I thought it was really facinating--aside from the logistics (e.g. lots of travel involved in, say, a Merida vs. Montreal match!), it seems natural.

    I'm a gringo, but I could see it really appealing to Mexican-Americans and building the fan base.

    I say this as someone who hasnt been able to get excited by Superliga or CONCAF Champions League, so I don't know why I like Wilt's idea so much!

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    It's definititely an interesting concept but I don't think you'll see a unified MLS/FMF league with promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation in America is still a long way off. Another version of the champions league between the two is more likely (not Superliga).

  • In reply to cesba:

    I don't think it was winning hockey games as much as WGN and the Tribune making the decision they were going to promote the hell out of the team. I'm guessing that coincided when they got the Cubs guy as their new president or GM or whatever. Overnight Chicago became Hawkeytown.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    You are correct. The Hawks public momentum was fueled by WGN/Tribune's all out media blitz. John McDonough was instrumental in that. That being said, the attention they are receiving would not be at the level it's at without the winning aspect.

  • You forgot to mention McNeil and Speigel were too busy talking about Bulls offseason, Blackhawks bandwagon talk, and bad White Sox and Cubs baseball. "BIG TEN NETWORK" OMG!! Big Ten Netowrk is a snoozefest; it is not interesting. Don't forget, the Score carried the Blackhawks for a while with Jesse Rodgers was the pregame and postgame host before the station pulled the plug due to lack of interest of Blackhawk hockey. Nine years ago, Boers and Bernstein exchange words with a 80 year old caller that wanted the Lions and Rams score. Later in that conversion, the elderly caller said "I can't stand hockey because the score is always 1-0 and 2-1 games. Players can't put the puck past the goalie." Bernstein's response "You and I are soulmates, I HATE hockey too." B and B are bunch of hypocrites; it is amazing. Giangreco is another one. Couple months ago, it was either WBBM or ESPN 1000 Chicago, he mentioned that England does not care about American football just like we don't care about soccer.

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