Today's Starting 11

GK Andrew Dykstra

D Krzystof Krol

D Tim Ward

D CJ Brown

D Kwame Watson-Siriboe

M Logan Pause

M Marco Pappa

M Peter Lowry

M Patrick Nyarko

F Brian McBride

F Collins John


Conde is not starting so the rookie gets thrown into the fire (no pun intended). 

The Rapids Starting 11

GK Matt Pickens

D Kosuke Kimura

D Marvell Wynne

D Drew Moor

D Danny Earls

M Mehdi Ballouchy

M Jeff Larentowicz

M Pablo Mastroeni

M Colin Clark

F Conor Casey

F Omar Cummings

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  • I am hopeful Fire will win 2-1.

  • Pretty sparce crowd in Colorado. They probably deserve a beat down just for that.

  • The Fire bench:
    Husidic, Martinez, Mapp, Banner, Bone, Robinson, Johnson

  • 13' Cummings with WAY too much room and a goal. Where was our defensive mid?

  • 18' Ballouchy with a narrow miss in front of Krol. No semblance of danger from the Fire 20 minutes into the match.

  • 23' Finally an opportunity, but McBride's shot is blocked by Colorado.

  • This what happens when they don't have Conde in the lineup.

  • 26' GOAL!!!!!! Pappa's corner headed in by John. actual set piece goal!

  • 28' Foul by Watson-Siriboe sets up a long free kick opporunity from Larentowicz that somehow almost sneaks into the net.

  • 31' Clark with a yellow for a ridiculous dive.

  • 36' Is it just me or does Nyarko slip alot?

  • 40' Pappa trips Clark in the box resulting in a penalty. Conor Casey converts which is good for my fantasy team but bad for my blood pressure. Clark went down easily but the foul call was probably correct.

  • Other than the John goal, the Fire offense looks dead.

  • Half time and Colorado leads 2-1. The Rapids held most of the possesion and were the better team in the first half. Not a whole lot of chances on the Fire's end. The penalty call on Clark was a result of minimal contact but Pappa has to be smarter and realize that Clark will go down at the touch of a feather.

  • In the second half, I hope I want to see Pause out of the field in favor of Husidic. Expect Nyarko getting pulled in favor of Banner or Mapp if he continues to falter in the second half. They need a spark badly.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    "Expect Nyarko getting pulled in favor of Banner or Mapp if he continues to falter in the second half. "

    The fact that you said that means that you have no idea what you are talking about. Nyarko was the best player on the field today. He quite possibly found a permanent spot in the lineup today. Watson-Siriboe is a solid defender and looks like a steal at the end of the 2nd round in the draft.

  • In reply to longoria3:

    Things I learned today
    1. Dykstra might not be very good...
    2. Watson-Siriboe is a good, solid defender that shut down a good MLS striker in Casey today.
    3. Found our left back in Krol
    4. Nyarko is a stud on the wing
    5. John is a handful for defenders
    6. McBride and Pappa arent as good as I thought

    Overall a decent game for us. Pappa did not have a good game. His touch let him down and he defending is atrocious. Mapp played decently on the wing but needs to stay out there instead of coming in the middle. It gets to narrow when he does that and clogs up the game. Looking forward to the game next weekend.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    All very good points.

  • is the field wet? longer cleats?

  • 46' Mapp is on for Lowry to start the second half. Not a particularly good showing for Lowry.

  • GOAL!!!!!!! McBride converts the PK after Wynne inadvertently trips Nyarko in the box after incidental contact. A bit of a cheap call but I'll take it.

  • 55' Clark continues to dive like a ballerina with bad ankles...ridiculous

  • Is it me or Kwame Watson-Siriboe reminds me of Bakary Soumare? Both wear number 4, both play same position, both at least 6-4 and both of them kick the ball out of bounds.

  • 69' Nyarko and Mapp work a nice build up but Mapp's service is weak and handled easily by Pickens.

  • can hear Section 8's travellers clearly drowining out the Rapids crowd (what there is of it).

  • 85' Danger from Colorado but Casey delivers a terrible cross.

  • 90' Cummings forces a corner which the Fire knock away. Husidic is on for Pappa.

  • 91' Mapp forces a foul in a dangerous location but his service into the area is crap. At the other end CJ possibly gets away with a foul which may have been in the box.

  • ON second thought Clark is still rolling around on the floor which means he wasn't touched.

  • Final whistle ends up in a 2-2 draw. Be back later with recap and player ratings.

  • The Fire could had won that game.

  • Another slow start for the Fire not way was the rookie markings Cummings. Bad idea IMO...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    So far, the Fire are 0-1-1 in the season (all road games). Let's see if they can break the ice at home vs. San Jose.

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