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First of all I'd like to thank Sam for the effort, information, and enthusiasm which he provided here for the last eleven months.  I think you can all agree that the posts Sam provided (particularly recently) were extremely helpful for Fire fans who are routinely deprived of any real media attention and information in terms of breaking news or actual coverage and analysis of Fire related stories.  As he mentioned earlier, Sam may be back occasionally with news and other Fire related goodies and I wish him the very best with mlssoccer. 

I will be providing a bit of a different perspective with a wider range of Fire/MLS related topics being opened for discussion.  I'd like to present things from a fan's point of view and will attempt to shed some light (or at least provide Fire fans with an avenue to be heard) on topics like media coverage, the long forgotten Bridgeview/Toyota Park development, Fire Marketing and Public Relations, Season Ticket Services, and parking among others.  Of course, I will also post match previews and team analysis which I'm sure will be roundly debunked and picked apart in the comments section below.  But that is what this blog is all about.  It should be a virtual place where those of us who are passionate and care about the team can come to discuss a breaking story, debate differing opinions and make our voices heard. 


Like the rest of you, I would love see a day when the major media outlets in Chicago realize that soccer fandom is a large untapped customer base that can't be ignored.  I'd love to see the Fire covered by regular, full time, local beat writers.  I'd jump for joy to hear an actual intelligent Fire based program on local sports radio.  Heck, I'd even be happy with a host who would entertain a phone call without cutting the conversation to 5 seconds.  Local sports radio coverage is a topic that I'm taking aim at in the very near future. 

There are many things I'd like to see change now.  How about a recap of a road game on Sunday morning that's not written by the AP?  Will we ever have post game press conferences available to us (and I don't mean video posted 5 days later on the team site)?  English radio game coverage anyone?

I realize that the media by and large feels that there isn't a market out there for making the investment in presenting this information viable.  The fact that this blog and others like it exist is beginning to disprove that tired story.  The only way to change it is to make our voices heard.  Let them know you want Fire coverage.  Take a second to send an email, fill out a comment, or pick up the phone and contact an offending media outlet.  They'll have to take notice sooner or later!

Since I am a self confessed MLS junkie, this blog is something I will approach with enthusiasm and pride.  (Yes, I'm the guy that will sit and watch FC Dallas take on San Jose on a Sunday afternoon)  I'm also looking forward to entertaining any and all thoughts, comments and suggestions. 



Oh....and Go Fire!

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  • Looking forward to your take on the Fire, MLS and all things soccer. And congrats on the new gig, I think judging from your frequent posts and obvious knowledge of the game that you'll do a great job.

    Quick question, are you planning on attending practices and having direct contact with the organization for inside details? I think Sam did a pretty nice job with that and I'd love to see it continue if possible.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Thanks Drew. I'll do the best I can on that front. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend too many practices. That pesky work thing keeps getting in the way.

    The direct contact stuff will continue but it does take a while to establish that sort of thing.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Guillermo, try and have fun with this. if it gets to feel like work it will show...ask sam who i am and shoot me an email...good luck,,go fire

  • In reply to bert:

    Will do Bert.

  • In reply to bert:


    Send me an email fireconfidential@aol.com

  • In reply to Drew:

    Hello Guillermo,
    Thank you for doing this and picking up where Sam left off.
    I was born in Germany and as soon as a boy can walk he is given a soccer ball to play with as is true in most other countries.
    The News media has to realize that Soccer is called Football in the rest of the world and is by far the most popular sport in the world. I will do my part to contact the News Media to drum up support for soccer and the chicago Fire. Thank you again for taking the time to do this I know it is time consuming.

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    Germany is the home of many Chicago Sting soccer greats like Karl Heinz Granitza , Arno Steffenhagen, Ingo Peter , Dieter Ferner. I am going to be having a book about the Sting coming out this summer , the Lee Stern familly has been totally supportive in my efforts. The book will cover every game played from 1980 to the end in 1988.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    I hope you haven't neglected the great Franz Mathieu in your book. He was my favorite guy on the team.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:


    You've hit my button with English language radio broadcasts of the games. It is bush league not to have it and gives people a chance to follow the games when they can't get to a TV. I loved listening to the Sting games with Howard Balson. I thought he did a great job.

    Also, the morning guy on WGN, Greg Jarett has a positive attitude toward the game. I heard an interview he did with McBride and he was pretty up on the international game.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    English radio coverage is something I plan to ask the Fire brass about.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Thanks Pestilence.

    I'll think about that one.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    Welcome, Guillermo. Looking forward to following your blogging.

    One request that Sam was never able to put through: Can we get a decent name for this blog?

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    You're welcome JM.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Welcome to the top spot buddy, I can not wait to here you take on the media people who bash soccer and I will join you in the crusade!
    This is America yes and everyone is not going to like the same things , but the people who continue to bash something for no reason is the people who I have a problem with like Norman Chadd.
    People need to realize that there is a proud 30 year history of soccer in Chicago that the Sting started from 1975 to 1988 and then the Fire has continued the tradition beginning in 1997.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    Norman Chad is an idiot.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Local media meatheads like Boers and Bernstein and among others from the Score who hate soccer. One person who has the decency to talk soccer is Les Gorbstein. At least, he will mention the Sting and their brief history. The national media like Kornheiser, Rome, Chad and etc who bash soccer because their lack of knowledge of the game. 620AM WDAE in Tampa Bay, Steve Duemig, afternoon host in that station, mentions that the MLS is the up and coming sport in the US. Also he mentioned that just give it at least 5 or 10 more years to see elite players from Europe will play in the MLS. He is a huge fan of soccer and tells his listeners that the World Cup in 2010 is bigger than the Super Bowl because the World Cup is every 4 years.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    On the radio front, former voice of the Fire, Fred Heubner has been hired at ESPN1000.

    I think he is doing weekends, but he has said he is going to bring soccer discussion to the airwaves. Apparently 1000 has the radio rights to the World Cup, so we may be hearing some games this summer.

  • In reply to Drew:

    Jill Carlson in Fox 32 has always been great with the Fire and she always talked about the Chicago Storm every week , but most of the others very little if anything at all.
    Guys like Jim Rose when he was asked to at leat give the Storm scores he very pompusly said no , but he salivates over the WNBA.
    Jill and Corey McFerrin always have Fire players in the studio

  • Thanks for doing this. Sounds like you have a good vision for this blog, and it sounds like you have a lot to say. That's great, exacty what we've all been thinking about. Good luck!

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Thanks Patrick.

  • Welcome, I'm glad this blog is staying open.

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