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All in all the 2-2 draw was probably a fair result.  After an uninspiring first half the Fire rebounded to outplay Colorado in the second half although it wasn't exactly attractive attacking soccer by any means.  Of major concern is the gaping hole of non productivity currently being provided in the middle of the pitch by the Fire central midfielders.  Peter Lowry was non existent and Logan Pause, shall we say, did not look good again.  Justin Mapp replaced Lowry to start the second half and had a few decent moments but certainly not enough to establish himself as any sort of solution.   

The high altitude seemed to wear on the players late in the second half as the latter parts of the match seemed sluggish while both teams appeared happy to accept a point.  I thought Patrick Nyarko handled himself nicely in the midfield and Collins John continues to provide hope for the near future.  I would expect that Carlos De Los Cobos is fairly satisfied to come away with a result while missing Wilman Conde and John Thorrington.


Player Ratings

GK Andrew Dykstra (5) - Still hasn't done much to ease any concerns over the departure of John Busch but he did not play badly.  There wasn't much he could do on either goal.

D CJ Brown (5) - Mostly unspectactular but steady.  You pretty much know what you get with Brown, he's still servicable as a central defender in MLS. 

D Kwame Watson-Siriboe (5) - Not a bad rookie debut but again didn't really do anything to distinguish himself.  Committed a few fouls in dangerous areas.  He is a big guy who seems fairly mobile for a center back his size.

D Tim Ward (5) - Decent effort although he didn't get forward as well as he typically does.

D Krzystof Krol (6) - Now we now that Krol isn't necessarily slow but he is not faster than Mike Banner.  Krol is big for a left back and made a decent run late in the game but was denied by Kosuke Kimura.  Had a moment of near disaster in the first half when he failed to step up on a dangerous shot by Mehdi Ballouchy which almost resulted in a goal.

M Logan Pause (4) - I'm convinced that Thorrington will replace him in the starting 11 once he is healthy.  Pause inexplicably decided to step forward and allow Omar Cummings to gather the ball, turn, and shoot while Fire defenders back pedalled.  If the team had any confidence in anyone else playing the position he would be sitting already. 

M Peter Lowry (3) - Absolutely invisible.  Substituted at half time.  Lowry is apparently not a center midfielder since he seems lost playing the position.

M Marco Pappa (5) - Pappa seemed to struggle for most of the game and his assist from a corner kick on John's goal saves his rating from dropping lower.  The foul from behind that resulted in a PK was just dumb. 

M Patrick Nyarko (7) - Was dangerous for most of the match while his move to get by Marvell Wynne which resulted in a PK was most impressive and shows just how fast he is. 

F Brian McBride (5)- Converted on the PK attempt but also missed a great opportunity for a goal towards an open net when his shot was cleared by Colorado defenders. 

F Collins John (7) - He's looking to be as advertised. Along with Nyarko he was the best player on the field for the Fire.  Seemed to tire late in the second half, possibly due to the altitude. 

M Justin Mapp (5) - Seemed to provide a little bit of a spark although his efforts didn't result in anything substantial.  I'm not sure if he actually played decently or Lowry was so ineffective that anything Mapp did looked better than it was.

M Baggio Husidic (inc) - Came on in the 90th minute so he wasn't called on to do much.

Ref Terry Vaugh (5) - He's presided over some brutally refereed Fire games in the past.  Wasn't bad today.  Graded mostly for not falling for the garbage Colin Clark was attempting to pull off.


Attendance : 11,641  (pretty much sucks for a home opener)


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  • Seems a little harsh on the 2 center backs. KWS played well for it being his first MLS game and going against a good MLS player in Conor Casey. Nyarko is MOTM for me. Looks incredibly dangerous on the wing and hopefully he gets another look out there next weekend. John is a handful and is only going to get better. (How about a set piece goal, don't get to see much of those supporting the Fire.) I see you think Thorrington is going to replace Pause, but who is going to be the other center mid? Lowry doesnt cut it, Husidic isnt good enough. I really cant see them sitting Pause.

  • Maybe a little harsh on the center backs but they both back pedalled giving Cummings too much room on his goal. Would have been a tick higher if not for that.

    Unfortunately, you may be correct on the center midfielders. Center mid is a huge problem.

  • Hello Guillermo,
    Good job on your recap of the game and accessment of the players.
    I feel as you do about the central midfield.
    I would like to see the following changes for the next game.
    If Wilman Conde can play I would play him in Cj Browns position and move Brown to the reserve bench. I would give Julio Martinex another
    start and give him the opportunity to redeem himself for his poor
    performance last week agaist New York. I would also like to see
    Corben Bone get a start. I am surprised Dasan Robinson didn't play
    and rookee Kwame Watson-Siriboe was used instead.
    I woul also test the market to see if the fire can work a deal by trading Mapp and Lowery for someone that is a proven midfielder.
    Mapp has had a lot of chances to prove himself and has yet to deliver and isn't worth what he is being paid. There are a lot
    of better players than Mapp for less than what he is getting.
    I think the Chicago Fire Fans deserve more than the mediocure
    performance that some of the players give when called upon to play and deliver.

  • In reply to TigerJMS:

    That is the exact reason we cant shop Mapp around. He is getting paid alot and doesnt back it up. What GM would want that on their team other than ours. That being said, he didnt play terribly today and played a couple nice crosses in. Played some bad ones too, but thats what we get with him.

  • I totally agree about Mapp, its time to shop him around. I would really like to see Bone in action, and def give martinez another try.

  • In reply to MarekD:

    Mapp carries a big cntract , he would be hard to move.

  • In reply to MarekD:

    John and McBride combo is fantastic. I was a little bit harsh on Nyarko for his 1st half performance slipping and sliding on the field but he improved in the 2nd half and set up the 2nd goal by McBride's penalty kick. Peter Lowry was so bad, he made Justin Mapp look good in that game. Logan Pause is well Logan Pause (which is not good at soccer). Siriboe and Krol were not that bad along with Dykstra learning on the job. This team will be fine as the season goes; De Los Cobos system will work in the MLS. Thank god I don't have to watch Hamlett's long ball, dry offense.

  • troll...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    And what is with this "speed" thing that everyone is talking about. We all loved Segares right? That guy was slow as sh*t. He never blazed a trail down the field but was still a top notch defender in this league. We found a good left footed defender in Krol. He played a nice game today and I would love to see him in there every game from now on. Him and Nyarko on the left is a deadly combination.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    After two games, fans maybe a little harsh on Dykstra b/c he is new guy that is starting net. Let's not forget, the Fire had a popular goalkeeper in Zach Thornton and his backup was Matt Pickens. Pickens was nice goalie for the Fire for a couple of years. Now, the Fire cut a popular player in Busch in favor of a young and unproven Andrew Dykstra. I want Dykstra to succeed and he will be fine in net.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Was it just me, or was the Ch. 60, Telefutura broadcast all choppy?!?

    I could have probably gotten better quality streaming the game on my phone!

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    Watching that game yesterday at times, my eyes were hurting. Telefutura broadcast was bad; it wasn't just you.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    McBride 6
    Collins 7
    Nyarko 6
    Pause 5
    Lowry 3
    Pappa 5
    Ward 4
    Krol 4
    Brown 5
    KWS 3
    Dykstra 4
    Mapp 4
    Husidic Unable
    Thats just me but I agree the midfield needs work, either that or lets go back to the long ball and play 3 forwards. Just saying...

  • In reply to Adam25:

    KWS a 3? McBride a 6? Interesting...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Interesting? More like "crazy".

  • In reply to Adam25:

    Lets remember that Dykstra and Lowry were starting their 2nd games of their career and KWS, Krol, John were all making their MLS debuts. With all that considered, I think yesterday was a good match for them and we should be fine if we can find the net twice a game.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    How did you manage to give McBride, the invisible FWD, a 6? He did nothing other than fail to score from a point blank chance and put in a PK. For a guy making 350k you'd expect him to contribute.

  • In reply to snkscore:

    Maybe hard to see but Rapids were more concern with McBride than Collins. Without him this team would really lack value. He's older but he is still dangrous...

  • In reply to snkscore:

    Yeah it's pretty sad when we have to hunt for what channel the Fire games are on this being our 12th season! I don't understand why we can't be on WGN and have a home channel. I understand the huge Hispanic population and wanting the game in their language, but this could be a supplement to WGN.
    We need to voice our disappointment with the Fire not being covered in the media for a team that's been in Chicago now for 12 years and for this being a World Cup year...also with the U.S. National team looking good and making a run at the Cup.
    The sqeacky wheel gets the grease! :-)

  • In reply to snkscore:

    It was a rough game, but a improvement over our 1st game of the season against the Red Bulls. Lots of players with 1st time MLS starts. I was surprised to see Kwame get the start over Dasan, wonder if he is injured. I hope this team jells as the games go on and we clean up the rust! We lost some great players that we had last year in Busch, Rolfe, Segares, Blanco and have lots of younger guys putting in some big minutes. MLS really needs to get the development league going again and play a game before/after the main game to get these young kids some development. We need that so these kids don't just get thrown into the deep water and either sink or swim, but get some time to shine when they step up to the main team. Would have been nice to have the development league get some coverage in the player/league negotiations.

  • In reply to snkscore:

    Regarding Thor for Pause...we've tried that in the past, and what happens is red cards and badly surrendered free kicks. Thor's a great guy to have on the squad (kinda Kovalenko in a way), but not as a holding mid...I hear weird inconsistent comments about Krol -- I'm just curious why he got the start over Banner. Is DLC still experimenting, or did Banner fail to impress...and how is THAT decision still at work...left back should have been an easy one to have settled by the end of camp/preseason. I want Krol on the field, especially with Conde -- Ward-Conde-Krol...that much size in back, we should be very tough to beat on set pieces, in the air...ever. Poor Lowry -- talk about getting thrown into the deep end. He's a talented guy, but he just may not have been up to this move, just yet -- I hope he doesn't get dumped over it...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    When you say that the Fire outplayed the Rapids in the second half ( and I agree ) , I am wodering if the team is falling into a bad trap because the same thing happened last week as they came out flat and turned it up in the second half in New York.
    Conde and Thorrington out again , these two guys are so important to this team as they are players in the middle of the field and it concerns me that these 2 highly skilled and important players always are on the injury list. All and all, I will take this tie and run , this means we are undefeated in Colorado the last 2 years after going without a win for what seemed like a decade.

  • I would not be to sure about Busch beating the Fire , ex Fire keeper do not do well against us as we have never lost to Pickens of Thorton.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    Busch isnt the starter so he wouldnt be beating us at all.

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