Fire Season Ticket Packages Arrive

One of my favorite days of the year involves reaching into the mail box and finding the year's season ticket package has arrived (I'm easily amused).  This year's version comes in a neat booklet with coupons for the "Meet the Team Event" and a Fire knit cap.  Also included is a postcard promising that season ticket holders will receive an exclusive scarf in 4-6 weeks.  Each individual ticket features a different picture. Nice.

For pictures of the season ticket package continue reading.......

The only complaints I have is that there is no plastic ticket holder this year and I could do without seeing Ozzie Guillen's mug on my Fire tickets.

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  • good pictures.

  • In reply to FireStingDoug:

    I can deal with Ozzie Guillen's mug on a ticket but seeing Logan Pause on any picture is pretty scary.

  • I was happy to get mine too. I had to explain to my fiancee that the tickets weren't out of order, you just didn't want your first ticket all the way inside the book. Can't wait until Saturday- where is everybody sitting? Im in Section 126, Row 9, Seats 3 and 4

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