Fire Announce TV Deal with Comcast

It's official.  The deal with ComcastSportsnet has finally been announced.  Another TV station will carry 8 more games and will feature the Kelly/Doran broadcast team complete with post game show.

The press release mentions that Comcast will provide the first ever post game show for the Fire, which is not entirely accurate.  Back in 2006/7 Comcast actually featured an in-studio half time and post game show with Frank Klopas providing the analysis for a handful of matches.

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  • The only thing I didn't like was the reply during the game, at least they could of split the screen. Also the carema zooming in on fly balls and not covering the field were the real action takes place. Just saying but looks good in HD. I used to watch games on HDNET 2 years ago, too bad they don't broadcast soccer games now...

  • Hey Guillermo, on the TV issue, can you get to the bottom of the problem with Telefutura and its insanely choppy broadcasts?

    I thought it was only a problem with the Fire-Rapids game, but I tuned in last weekend and noticed on the MLS & Mexican League games they had the same problem!

    It's like they are getting the feed through a dial-up modem or something--definitely not up to normal broadcast standards.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    I think it's an issue with Telefutura's borrowed feeds for the games. I might have a better chance of actually figuring out our new health care plan than getting a straight answer out of Telefutura.

  • What games are we in danger of getting bumped because an earlier game runs over?
    I don't see the DC game on my DISH Guide so I can't TIVO it right now. It's listing Cubs-Astros.

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