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Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Veracruz lost again.  This time to Hidalgo 3-1 although Blanco did score the only goal from the PK spot.  El Cuauh also had some time on his hands so he appeared on Mexican television to pay up on a lost wager, do a little dance, and ride around on Pee Wee Herman's bicycle (see link to hilarity below).

Chris Rolfe did not play in Aalborg's 1-1 draw with Silkeborg.

Damani Ralph is still on trial at New York as a non roster player.

Drew Yates scored a PK goal in DC United's scrimmage win against USL-2 side Crystal Palace


Comcast interrupted the beginning of today's Arsenal v. Barcelona Champion's League match to show live coverage of Depaul's press conference announcing a new head coaching hire.  I'm sure everyone was waiting anxiously in anticipation of this huge announcement. 


Toronto FC defender and captain Jim Brennan is retiring to become the team's assistant general manager.

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  • Him riding a bike is hilarious. I was watching TV on Telefutura and they showed him dancing and shaking his ass right in front of television. While back, he was on some dancing show (Mexican version of Dancing with the Stars) and he got eliminated in the 1st round. Anyways, Temo has to come back to the Fire immediately because his time in Veracruz is not worth it. I was watching the Arsenal and FC Barcelona game and I was wondering why are they wasting time on DePaul basketball. DePaul basketball has not been that relevant since Ray Meyer was coach back in the 80's. I was like WTF!!!!

  • Yeah, you do NOT need to even play the press conference in its entirety, let alone break into a LIVE SPORTING EVENT (especially the Champions League) to show it.

    Hell, you don't even need to break into the Lou Canellis back pain infomercial to let us know that DePaul has a new hoops coach! Sure, its news, but it isn't "breaking".

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    I agree with you 100 percent. Nobody cares about DePaul basketball or college basketball in general. Better yet, why Comcast SportsNet did not have a live press conference when De Los Cobos was hired? That is the part I don't get at all. When Blanco comes back, they should broadcast a live press conference...WHY NOT!!! If a meaningless college basketball program gets press, the Fire should get the same respect.

  • In reply to Roti2000:

    I care deeply about DePaul basketball, and I hope the program can be relevant again soon.

    But why don't all you of quit your bitching and notice that nothing happened in the match while the presser was being shown, and shortly after the match was joined the Messi show began.

  • In reply to bunlice:

    I'm a DePaul fan too and I'm glad they hired the coach--but there is never a reason to break into a live sporting event for a news conference announcing something that had been reported hours earlier.

    I would be equally pissed if they broke into a Depaul basketball game with a press conference about the Fire, Sox, or anyone else.

    There is no reason they can't show the thing after the game; seeing a press conference two hours later isn't going to hurt anyone.

  • suntimes reporting umanzor is back training with the fire and just waiting for some paperwork to be finished before he can play in a match.

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