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Here's an excerpt from Steve Davis' "Talking Tactics" column on mlssoccer.com.  He addresses the same issue with the midfield spot that we've been discussing here.

"New Chicago Fire manager Carlos de los Cobos wants more passing and possession at Toyota Park. I like the way he's thinking, but does he have the right personnel? Can Chicago be fully effective in this style without a passing and possession wiz in the middle? Logan Pause holds the fort dutifully, but he's not the best at clean, efficient distribution.  John Thorrington will help when he returns from injury, presumably playing in front of Pause. Still, providing that central spark is not really Thorrington's game, eitehr. He's more "turn and burn" than "touch-touch." So DLC's ideas may have to give way to reality."


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  • We still have few more options to try out. Like to see Bone or Banner, maybe Conde in the midfield. Maybe we need 5 in the mid 3 attacking 2 holding.

  • Banner will never be in the middle. Depending on KWS' future games, I wouldnt mind seeing him start in the back and Conde where Pause is now. But that is more in the middle of the season. Or Robinson at right back and Ward in Pauses spot. That would work.

    On a side note, can anyone believe that this press conference is on instead of the biggest game of the year so far in Barca/Arsenal...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I like that idea with KWS starting in the back and Conde playing Pause's spot. I don't want to see Pause in the starting lineup; I cringe when I see him on the field. KWS reminds me of Bakary Soumare in terms of size and style of play.

  • Ughh. I TIVO'd the game on Comcast, are they running some alternate program about Tiger Woods or something?

  • So what else is new? We haven't utilized a creative player in the middle of the field since Nowack. I thought Blanco would be that guy, but Hammy wanted more mileage and he parked him up top/out wide. IMO, Husedic is the best candidate on the current roster.

  • Around MLS, I heard rumblings that Crew forward Guillermo Barros Schelotto could possibly be a technical director for Bocas Juniors by June (even though he is under contract for Columbus). Luciano Emilio is talking to Philadelphia for a possible deal to play for the Union. Arsenal vs FC Barcelona, FC Barcelona won 4-1 (6-3 aggregate) with Lionel Messi scoring 4 goals. Messi is the best all round player in soccer right now.

  • I think unless Bone (which I'm not hanging my hat on)can fill the role the team lacks a true attacking central midfielder. I think this is where the club needs to step up the DP hunt.

    Can someone ask about DPs at the Town Hall on Friday? I won't be making it into town for this and I think the new rules set up MLS to be haves and have nots. NY, LA, maybe Seattle are going to chase the DPs and I think the Fire are in a better position than say a Columbus to attract foreign talent but the question is whether ownership will open up the purse strings.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    I'm planning on attending the town hall meeting on Friday. I'll have the full report up as soon as I can. I'm sure the DP question will be asked.

    The team currently does not have a #10 type player who can fill the role even close to adequately.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    I think Baggio is the closest we have to be able to provide the central mid position the way DLC wants it.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    "Logan Pause holds the fort dutifully..."

    No. I would argue he doesn't even do that.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    With the bigger central defensive mids in the game today we ned a more physical presence there. Pause is too small. I'd like to see Conde man that position and then Robinson and/or Watson as our central defenders with Brown coming off the bench. Brown still gives us a nice central defensive presence but he is getting old and Robinson & Watson are both young and hungry and have good size as well. We have some big defenders indeed. I'm happy Conde is back another year and hope we can sign him to a longer deal sooner then later. We need him to move to the central midfield position to break stuff up before it gets to the defenders and young and inexperienced Dykstra. We don't have the "Rock" in Busch maning the posts anymore! :-(

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  • In reply to Janjo:

    Interesting concept. Let's see how DLC handles the line up over the next month before we jump to conclusions. I'm willing to give him a chance to work out the kinks by getting to know his roster a little more and evaluating players during real game action. DLC did say during the pre season that he will need to mold some of his thinking to match the skills of the players that are on his roster.

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