Toronto to host MLS Cup

MLS announced yesterday that Toronto will host the MLS Cup this November. I've previously gone on the record as saying that I hate the fact that MLS doesn't play its championship game in the home city of the higher seeded team. On that regard, nothing has changed.

However, if MLS must pick a city to host the MLS Cup in advance, Toronto is about as good a choice as the league could have made. Toronto has proven that they can come out and support soccer, the city itself is very nice, and the field is now grass - an improvement over last year's FieldTurf final in Seattle. The only downside I can see to picking Toronto is the weather. It really shouldn't be all that cold (average November temperature in Toronto is 45 degrees Fahrenheit) but as we Chicagoans know, weather at that time of year can be unpredictable... Hopefully it will cooperate for the game.

Oh, and on the plus side, Toronto isn't too far away from Chicago. So, if the Fire find themselves in the MLS Cup Final this year, it shouldn't be that difficult to get there...

I'll be back with more later on. Until then.

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  • Why don't they ever have the cup in Chicago? We have a soccer-specific stadium with grass. Our weather is no worse than Toronto's. In fact, on one weekend last November it was sunny and in the sixties and seventies. We have lots of soccer fans. So why not have it here?

  • I agree with you Sam, it's ridiculous not to have the final at the stadium of one of the finalists. I often wonder how people who make these ridiculous decisions get into the positions of power to actually be able to make the decisions they make. Just another one of life's mysteries I suppose...

  • The rationale is that not enough teams have the following to generate ticket sales on just one week's notice. Picking the neutral venue gives the league and the host city time to promote the game. Also, until recently, there was the embarrasing possibility of the host team not having a stadium to play in on that weekend due to conflicts with football. Or, almost as bad, having to play the Final on a field gridiron lines on it (Thank you Red Bull Inc.!).

    I'm not saying it's the best solution but at least there's a reason. I think MLS has modified several things in the last few years and I'm this would certainly be something they will consider in the future.

  • heres my idea,,,,,part of winning the mls cup is hosting it the next win it in 2010,,,,2011 its in your it in 2011,,,you get it again in 2012

  • yep,,,i should be

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