Some notes on Dykstra


I was planning on clearing up the Fire's goalkeeping situation today by talking with Frank Klopas and Andrew Dykstra. Unfortunately, both interviews fell through. I didn't want to leave you without any sort of update though, so I'll go ahead and share a couple of notes about the Fire's new starting goalkeeper.

*Dykstra is a big dude. Officially listed at 6'4" and 205 pounds, he is a commanding presence in net and should be able to use his big body to control the area. I would guess (I can't go any farther than a guess though, I've only seen him play one half of soccer...) that he is good at handling crosses and long balls headed his way. *From what I've seen, he is a very hard worker. A very hard worker. I'm guessing he kind of followed Busch's lead in this aspect, but regardless it should be noted that Dykstra gives everything he has in every single training session. This work ethic -- combined with his natural skill -- is what allowed him to rapidly shoot past Nick Noble on the depth chart last season.

*He's not afraid to be vocal. Willingness to yell at players is almost a requirement for any goalkeeper. In order to organize the defense, you have to be loud and you have to have conviction. Recalling short sided games in training sessions last year, Dykstra has both.

*Like most reserves, Dykstra did not have much of a locker room presence last season. This is in stark contrast to Jon Busch, who was one of the most vocal guys on the 2009 roster. Dykstra will likely have to up his locker room presence -- at least a little bit -- to really earn the trust of his teammates.

*The rest is somewhat unknown. We'll see how he meshes with the Fire's first team defenders and adjusts to the speed of an actual regular season match come Saturday. All eyes will undoubtedly be on him. If the Fire is to leave New York with a win, he'll need to handle the pressure.


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  • he is a big dude. and he's ok at FIFA 10

  • Has anybody ever sat back there at net during a real game? When the opposing team jumps on the counter attack, there is no other way to describe it other than watching a stampeding elephant rush come your way. This will be a challenge for the greenhorn you can be assured of that.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    i actually meant him playing the game against me. he was ok. but he's very athletic and i think will be very good. i, personally think he'll do good but it's just whether or not the pressure gets to him. he did block Caba

  • In reply to kornkid15:

    Hey...I wanna play FIFA against Fire players...

  • In reply to kornkid15:

    I think the hubbub on this is much to do about little. I like Busch. He's servicable above average MLS goalkeeper but little more. Always alittle scary when we've been defending corners the past few years and let's not forget how we lost the 2 biggest game sof our season last year. PKs! Busch is NOT good at PKs. Had to play into the thinking of heading another direction.

    I am hopeful that the Fire are also looking to free up som cap space for another field playe at some point this season to bolster the attack.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    Though I agree that Busch is a average MLS keeper I dont think it has anything to do with his ability to stop PKs. I think it comes down to his salary and the fact that Dykstra had a good preseason and DLC doesnt owe Busch anything. Dykstra is probably making league minimum and Busch is making 150+. If DLC is not seeing much difference in the 2 then I bet the 6 inches in height and salary led him and Klopas to releasing Busch.

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