Report: Busch signs with San Jose

Jon Busch

A [report has surfaced that former Fire keeper Jon Busch has signed with the San Jose Earthquakes]( I've reached out to Jon to confirm the report, but as of now he has not responded to my request for an interview.

If the report is true, Busch will have to battle with both veteran keeper Joe Cannon and youngster Andrew Weber for playing time. I don't really expect him to come in and replace Cannon right off the bat, but if San Jose continues to struggle (they lost 2-0 to Real Salt Lake in their opener) I wouldn't be surprised to see Jon get a few starts.

Roster logistics aside, it's nice to see Jon land in MLS. He indicated that he had a strong preference of remaining in the league in multiple interviews after the Fire dropped him and I think everyone will be happy to see him land on his feet in California. I'll update this report if Jon gets back to me with any words of confirmation or denial.

I'll be back later on in the day with more coverage of all things Fire. Don't think I'm not going out with a bang...


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  • Well I guess we will see him in 2 weeks then at the home opener. I wonder if they will put him on the bench for that game.

  • Glad to see that he landed back in MLS, but I don't really get the move by San Jose. It seems like the keeper is the one area on the field that they really didn't need to address.

  • with the new cba, s.j. didnt have to dick around with the fire,right?

  • In reply to bert:

    They wouldnt have had to with the old CBA either. The Fire released him and his contract.

  • In reply to bert:

    Let's cheer for Busch when he comes to town and show the FO who they can't get rid of.

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