Report: Busch out

According to a [report by Ives Galarcep of Soccer by Ives](, the Fire will part ways with keeper Jon Busch by the end of the week. Per the report, Busch, who has started every league game for the Fire for the last two seasons, will either be traded or released prior to Saturday night's opener at New York.

Possible reasons for Busch getting shown the door include his veteran status and salary ($165,000). Under the new CBA, Busch's contract would become guaranteed, and it's possible the Fire don't want to pay him his relatively hefty salary for the remainder of his deal. But the Fire would be losing more than a solid goalkeeper if they do indeed drop Busch. He is certainly a leader in the locker room and someone that most -- if not all -- of the younger players look up to. That factor should not be discounted when discussing his possible departure.

A potential move would open up the door for Andrew Dykstra to become the starting netminder for the Fire. Dykstra has always impressed me in training -- both with his work ethic and his skills -- but he is very inexperienced, never having played in a MLS match. Rookie goalie Sean Johnson, who the Fire drafted this year out of UCF, would move into the backup slot should Busch be moved.

I'm currently working on confirming this report. I'll post any update that I recieve.

**NOTE -- I've gotten this story confirmed. Busch is out.**


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  • That would be too bad.. especially with the defensive changes this year. He would be an asset to keep the back organized. Now's not the time to get cheap, especially since they don't have to pay Blanco any more.

  • ask about Miguel Montes.


  • Let's hope the Montes rumor is true.

  • If they bring a bunch of El Salvadoran players in here, what happens when its National team call-up time?

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