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Red Bull Arena: "The place is first class"

This offseason, as the date when MLS would release the Fire’s full schedule approached, I began to think about a few matches that would really pique my interest — really get my juices flowing about the upcoming season. I wanted to know when the Fire would first play Philly, when the Fire would host Columbus,... Read more »

Morning Update

Hey all, hope all of your weeks are progressing nicely.  Big news for me today as has officially launched.  I’ll be residing in the news section of the website, where you can check out my piece on Andrew Dykstra, which I wrote after my interview with him yesterday (Note — if you read yesterday’s... Read more »

Dykstra: "I believe in what I'm doing"

Just got off the phone with new starting keeper Andrew Dykstra.  Here’s a few notes from our conversation: Dykstra called replacing Busch “a shock.”  He — just like the rest of us — did not see this move coming.  He took the news that Busch, who he called his “mentor” was released a bit hard,... Read more »

CBA details released

I didn’t post this yesterday in light of all of the hulabaloo about the Fire’s goalkeeping situation, but I thought it was worth passing along regardless.  MLS announced the details of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement on Tuesday.  Some of the more important details include the following provisions:  – All players over the age of... Read more »

Some notes on Dykstra

I was planning on clearing up the Fire’s goalkeeping situation today by talking with Frank Klopas and Andrew Dykstra. Unfortunately, both interviews fell through. I didn’t want to leave you without any sort of update though, so I’ll go ahead and share a couple of notes about the Fire’s new starting goalkeeper. *Dykstra is a... Read more »

A new beginning

I have no idea how to write this post.  I wanted to do something clever, or sentimental, but everything I put on paper is coming off as lame and cheesy (not that I’m above being cheesy).  So, I’ve decided that I’m just going to come right out with it: I’ve taken a job covering the... Read more »

Busch: "I'd just like to thank the [fans]"

It’s now gone official. The Fire has surprisingly released goalkeeper Jon Busch – starter of every one of the Fire’s league games in the last two years and the 2008 MLS goalkeeper of the year. Here’s how it all went down. **** After the Fire’s friendly against Notre Dame got cancelled on Saturday morning, goalkeeper... Read more »

Report: Busch out

According to a [report by Ives Galarcep of Soccer by Ives](, the Fire will part ways with keeper Jon Busch by the end of the week. Per the report, Busch, who has started every league game for the Fire for the last two seasons, will either be traded or released prior to Saturday night’s opener... Read more »

Making a meal of it

As I’m on vacation, I won’t be able to attend tonight’s media dinner with Andrew Hauptman or Wednesday’s annual kickoff luncheon. Honestly, I’m pretty bummed out about missing out on the festivities. Both would have presented great opportunities to get some stories and to learn more about the Fire (yes, I still need to learn... Read more »

A couple of notes...

The Washington Post’s Steve Goff is reporting that the new CBA has upped the salary cap from $2.3 million to $2.5 million.  Clearly that’s a positive change.  At worst, it will allow a few players on each team a little bump in salary.  At best, it will allow teams to up the salaries of certain... Read more »