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As I'm on vacation, I won't be able to attend tonight's media dinner with Andrew Hauptman or Wednesday's annual kickoff luncheon. Honestly, I'm pretty bummed out about missing out on the festivities. Both would have presented great opportunities to get some stories and to learn more about the Fire (yes, I still need to learn more about the Fire). So, since I can't go to the events, I thought I'd post a few questions I would've asked had I been able to attend. Here we go... **For Andrew Hauptman:**

1) Where did you stand on the CBA negotiations? Did you play a role at all? Did the league take the opinions of owners into effect?

2) Thoughts on the final result of the negotiations?

3) Conflicting reports came out as to who was really running the show with the firing of Denis Hamlett. Some sites reported it was Javier Leon, others said Frank Klopas, and still others thought it was you that made the decision. What really went down? Who pulled the trigger?

4) What, in your opinion, is the role an owner should take in soccer operations?

5) What is the role that you find yourself taking?

6) Goals for 2010?

7) Long term goals? How do you plan on getting to a point where achieving those goals is actually within reach?

8) How do you view the Fire? Is this a hobby for you? Or is it more of a business venture?

9) How much personal pride would you take in a championship?

10) What offseason move has the most potential to ensure the long run success of the team?

11) How long do you see yourself owning the Fire?

12) It's November. The Fire just won the MLS Cup. Where do you put the trophy?

Obviously, this list isn't an exhaustive one. In fact, I would probably end up asking 20 questions completely unrelated from the ones on this list. What can I say? Sometimes I get sidetracked. That said, I think the questions posed on this list are valuable ones. They would all give a sense as to what goes on inside the mind of Andrew Hauptman, Fire owner. And that's all I ever look for from an interview.

*NOTE -- Tickets are still available for the Fire's annual kickoff luncheon. The luncheon, which begins at 11 a.m. on Wednesday at the Swissotel Chicago, will be MC'd by sports anchor Jim Rose and will feature a "Fire Side Chat" with Frank Klopas, Carlos de los Cobos and Brian McBride. Call 1-708-496-6740 for tickets.*


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  • Soccer by Ives is reporting that Busch a goner. Does the CBA have anything to do with that? Is Friedel ready to leave Aston Villa at the end of the EPL season?

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