Lessons learned?


> "This has been a culmination of our Mexico trip. We played a very good team and in preseason, results aren't what's important. We've used each match to evaluate the players and the way they fit with our strategy. Further, we look to make sure the analysis we've taken from training translates on the field. There were good moments and bad moments in this game and overall we're pleased with the progress we've made during our time here."
> -Frank Klopas, discussing the Fire's 2-0 loss to FC Atlas in Wednesday's friendly with Jeff Crandall of the Fire's official website

I was no more than four years old when I went to Mexico. Though I'm told that it was a very beautiful trip, I can honestly say that only one memory of my family's vacation to the country's Pacific coast has remained with me over the last 15 years. That memory? Touching a cactus. Here's how it all went down. My Dad and I were sitting at a restaurant, waiting for my Mom, grandparents and little brother to arrive and I reached out and touched a tiny little cactus that was sitting on the window sill next to my seat. Like any four year old would have done, I immediately started howling (and bawling) in pain. After some period of time passed (I can't remember the specifics *that* well...) I calmed down and began to think that touching a cactus wasn't the smartest decision in the world. So, I stopped doing it. Never again have I come close to touching a cactus. Lesson learned.

And while the Fire's 2-0 loss to FC Atlas yesterday wasn't anywhere near as painful as touching a cactus (it is only preseason...) the team can follow in my tiny, 1994, light-up/velcro sneaker footsteps and and learn from their misstep in Mexico.

The most important thing that the Fire will hopefully take away from Wednesday's loss is that the time is now for an uptick in intensity. I'm not saying that the team hasn't been stressing the importance of preseason training for the last month, only that an increase couldn't hurt things. After all, the season opener is only three weeks away and the club will want to be firing on all cylinders right off the bat. Fortunately, losing (like the Fire did yesterday) can be a great motivator. At best, losing can inspire players (and coaches) to truly focus, work harder and put in the extra hours for the team. At worst, it should eliminate any sense of complacency. Hopefully the Fire experiences more of the latter effects. But, as always, we'll just have to wait and see.


The Fire leaves Guadalajara, Mexico today for Jackson, MS, where they will train until March 9th. The team will play two more friendlies before the end of preseason. The first will come this Sunday at 3 p.m. CDT against FC Dallas in Jackson. The second, in which the opponent has yet to be announced, is scheduled for March 13th in New Orleans.


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  • 3 weeks away from the first kick... so when do we get to hear of Collin's situation?

  • In reply to waamsy:

    I don't want to say it. Don't make me say it. I won't say it. I'm too scared to say it. It's to terrible for me to say it. Ok, ok, I'll say it. Maybe because of the CBA situation? There, I said it.

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    I don't think a loss to mid-season Mexican side is particularly disheartening. Moreover, results are meaningless in a friendly match. What's important is the contribution each player makes and how well they're playing together. That said, we can't really make any insightful comments about this match, having seen none of it. Although the lack of chance-creation report is a bit disappointing...

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