Klopas's take

I briefly (very briefly... thanks AT&T phone service) spoke with Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas after the Fire's 1-0 at New York last night.  I only asked him one question before my phone crapped out, but I thought I'd share his response anyway.

Here's what he had to say:

"I'm a little disappointed that we lost," Klopas said.  "I think my main concern going into the game was the fact that we haven't had a game in a while.  I think it hurt us a little bit that we didn't play a game last week -- even if it [would have been] a college game against Notre Dame --  and I think it showed the first half when we weren't as sharp.  But I think the second half was different game.  I think we were a better team in the second half, we were able to move the ball better but unfortunately they scored a great goal [and that was all it took]."

Not really too much here, but I agree with most of what Frank had to say.  The Fire certainly did look a whole lot better in the second half than the first, but they'll need that effort -- plus better finishing -- to get a win at Colorado next week. 

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