John and Fire can't agree to deal; John will return to Europe

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*Apologies for the lack of updates yesterday. I had a very busy day and was unable to write as much as I would've liked.*

Steve Goff is reporting that [Collins John and the Fire have been unable to agree on a contract]( and that John, who began a trial with the Fire this preseason, will go back to Europe to pursue other opportunities. Goff is also reporting that the sticking point in negotiations wasn't salary, which would lead one to believe that the number of years offered wasn't sufficient for Brian McBride's former Fulham teammate.

Obviously this news comes as a big blow to the Fire. John -- who's preseason play has earned rave reviews from Technical Director Frank Klopas -- certainly has more than enough talent to succeed in MLS and would have likely been a very good goalscorer for the Fire in 2010.

With the Dutch forward now out of the picture, the Fire is left with Brian McBride, Patrick Nyarko, Stefan Dimitrov and Calen Carr as options up top. Apart from McBride -- and possibly Nyarko -- that isn't exactly a group that will instill fear into the hearts of MLS defenders. Carr and Dimitrov played the least minutes out of any players on the Fire's roster last season and did not have a goal or an assist between them in league play. Should McBride and/or Nyarko go out for an extended period of time (as McBride did last year), we could be seeing a lot of Calen and Stefan on the field -- something that doesn't exactly put me at ease.

I'm awaiting the Fire to confirm Goff's report. I'll update as soon as I hear anything.


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  • He would have been our stat player. If we lose him it is a huge step backwards. Nyarko is not prepared or good enough to be a every game starter. This is terrible news if true.

  • Ugh...terrible news. Please get something form Frankie. He put a lot of eggs in this basket and now we're in trouble.

    I am actually slightly encouraged by 'gauranteed years' being the sticking pioint versus salary.

    Tying upa big chunk of salry cap long term on a guy with a poor history in attitude and club relations could be a deth sentence to an MLS club.

    My real quesion is therefore: What is plan B? We need someon else up top.

  • In reply to NaperSteve:

    Whatever plan B is it is going to be half the player John would have been for us. He played in 3 games this off season and had 3 goals. Thats half the amount that Carr has scored in 65 more appearances...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    John would have been stupid to sign a 3 year deal and if thats the number that they wouldnt leave then the Fire REALLY dropped the ball on this. 2 years would have been perfect for both parties.

  • This stinks. He could have helped put the Fire over the top.

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