Dykstra: "I believe in what I'm doing"

Just got off the phone with new starting keeper Andrew Dykstra.  Here's a few notes from our conversation:

Dykstra called replacing Busch "a shock."  He -- just like the rest of us -- did not see this move coming.  He took the news that Busch, who he called his "mentor" was released a bit hard, saying it took a bit of the wind out of his sails on Sunday night. 

That said, Andrew is confident that he can do a good job in between the pipes for the Fire.  "I played Houston last week - who I would consider one of the better teams in the league based on last year's performance - and I did well so I proved to myself, I proved to the coaches, and I proved to my teammates that this isn't an issue," he said.  "I can come in and step in and do my job so I don't have a lot of concerns.  I believe in what I'm doing."

One thing that he won't be focusing on is trying to fill Busch's --
rather big -- shoes in terms of leadership.  "There are plenty of
leaders on this team that I think are going to be the center points for
us," he said.  "I'm just gonna stop as many balls as I can on the way
and do my part.  I'm not going to put myself in a position to put
unnecessary pressure on myself -- there are a lot of leaders on this

Dykstra has also received a "pretty positive" response from his
teammates in regards to being named the starter.  He told me that some
of the guys have gone as far as to take him aside to congratulate him and tell him that he's "earned it."

All of this sounds like it bodes pretty well for the Fire.  Dykstra doesn't want to overstep his bounds in terms of locker room presence, is confident, and hasn't had any issues with his teammates.  Hopefully, that will translate into cohesion between him and the Fire's back line.  We'll just have to wait and see though.  A week isn't a long time to digest a change as big as this one...


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  • Sam you are going to be so missed around here for your awesome research and keeping us in the light with such timely info!!!
    Yeah Andrew has some huge shoes to fill, maybe not literally cause he's a big guy and Jon not so much. LOL
    Just a few more days to the season opener in NY Sat @ 6 in the new stadium 2 for 2 new non American/non MLS experienced coaches...should be very interesting! :-)

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