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Unfortunately, today has been a lot busier than I originally thought it would be and I won't have any time to write another post.  My sincerest apologies.  However, I will be at the Fire's practice tomorrow so I encourage you to post any questions you have for any players, coaches, or staff in the comments section below.  I'll do my best to get them answered.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday. 


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  • Since the Fire waived John Busch and the new re-entry draft rule doesn't apply until after the 2010 season, does San Jose have to work out a compensation deal with the Fire in order to sign Busch?

  • Last Saturday's game was certainly tough for Chicago, but NYRB have a much better team than a year ago. Watching the game on TV gave the impression the field plays extremely slow- what was the player's perspective? The ball seemed to kick up a lot of (sand?).

  • The sand issue was addressed briefly by De Los Cobos and a few of the players after the game. The excess sand definitely slowed the ball movement down and made the field play slower.

    I read similar comments after the NYRB-Santos game. It seems that the weeks leading up to the Santos game were very wet in the New York area, so the ground crew added sand to help absorb water since the field wasn't draining as well as they anticipated. The end result was too much sand and slower play. You can clearly see sand kicking up as players run or kick. I would hope MLS/NYRB addresses this soon.

  • The field also looked like crap. Simple passes were bouncing and the grass seemed long. Just didnt do the stadium justice in my eyes.

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