A whirlwind week

To say last week was a bit wacky for Fire forward Collins John is an understatement. Conflicting reports swirled around the 24-year-old Dutch forward, who began a trial with the Fire early last month, for a three-day period, and speculation about the ex-Fulham forward's future ran rampant.

Wednesday morning, the Washington Post reported that John was dissatisfied with contract negotiations and would be leaving the club. That report was turned on its head by the end of the day though, with the Post reporting that John and the Fire had agreed to a tentative deal late Wednesday night. No news came out on Thursday and the Fire officially announced John's signing in a press release on Friday morning - a move that ultimately left both sides happy.

"That's [just part of] football," John said of the contract negotiations to a group of reporters Tuesday morning. "You're always bantering about bad things and good things and I was not very happy with how things went but that's personal. It was actually not really to do with the Chicago Fire or me; it was just some issues that we got sorted out in the end so I'm glad everything worked out. I'm happy to have signed."
The Fire is expecting big things from John - who scored 11 league goals for Fulham in the 2005-06 Premier League season - in 2010.

"He's fast, strong, technically he's very good and he shoots well with both feet," Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas said on Tuesday. "I think his attitude has been great and we expect for him to do well."

Fellow Fire forward Brian McBride - who played with John at Fulham from January 2004 through October 2007 - echoed Klopas's sentiments about the Fire's newest forward.

"I think he's a very good player," McBride said. "He's someone that's got an abundance of talent. He's strong, he's fast, he's a great finisher and a very exciting player."

The Fire's expectations for John - while high - are fair. He's a player who has enjoyed great success at the game's highest level and though he has struggled in recent years - the Fire is his fifth team since the start of October 2007 - there is little reason to think the skill that afforded him with such success as 20-year old at Fulham has gone away. This notion is supported by John's strong preseason. In total, the 5' 11" striker has tallied three goals in five friendly matches with the club.

"I'm kind of happy the way everything went [during preseason]," John said. "I had two goals [in the Fire's first preseason friendly] and that gives you confidence as a striker. From then on my confidence has been growing and I think I had a great preseason actually."

"I'm very happy I'm a Chicago Fire player."


Barring any late breaking news, that's it for me for today. I'll be back in the morning with some info on Corben Bone's recovery. Until then, I'll be studying for my last final exam of the quarter. You all go out and enjoy yourselves for me.


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  • Just wanted to say that I love the little links to the next and previous post at the top of the page. Nice touch, Sam. As for John, glad that we got the job done and signed him. A long week like that must have made Friday afternoon pretty awesome. Let's hope he can rack some goals up. BTW, when's MLS fantasy challenge opening? Tomorrow? It seems like I'm checking the site every hour and it says closed.

  • My guess is MLS Fantasy challenge will open up next Monday. It's opened the Monday of the opening week the last 2 years.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Ok, I was new last year, so I wasn't sure. I'll only check it every other hour instead.

  • In reply to cesba:

    "It was actually not really to do with the Chicago Fire or me"

    In other words, it was MLS's single-entity structure mucking things up yet again. Glad we got past that and signed him. Looking forward to the start of the season!

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