A new left back?

United States v El Salvador

Thought the Fire had their left back issue sorted out? Think again.

Despite acquiring left back Krzysztof Krol via loan in January, Head Coach Carlos de los Cobos has his eye on another potential replacement - Deris Umanzor - for former Fire stalwart Gonzalo Segares. Umanzor, a 30-year-old Salvadoran defender who currently plays for C.D. Aguila in El Salvador, trained with the Fire last week and played the full 90 in last Thursday's friendly against Houston.

"He played with us in Houston," de los Cobos said of Umanzor - who was the starting left back for El Salvador throughout de los Cobos's tenure as coach there. "He played very good against Houston but he went back to El Salvador and we're now trying to bring him back to us." De los Cobos is looking for a new left back because he feels that Krol, who is in the beginning stages of a one-year loan from Polish side Jagiellonia Bialystok, doesn't have the necessary pace to play on the wing.

"[Krol] has good qualities," de los Cobos said. "He's very strong but he's not fast. We need more speed for the wings - normally teams have a lot of speed on the wings - and for that reason I think [Umanzor] can help us."

De los Cobos also mentioned that he may be interested in bringing in another center back and midfielder who could better fit his preferred 4-1-4-1 formation. Should the Fire sign any new player, they will have to cut a current one loose, as they are at the league roster size limit of 24.


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  • What is CDLC trying to bring the whole El Salvador team to Chicago? I guess he doesn't have that much confidence in the current roster...

  • This is kinda funny. Umanzor gets a straight red in the game against Houston but he played great? I will take his word for it. Umanzor lacks the size to be effective at the back in MLS, and if Krol is too slow I guess we need a replacement for Ward, since having seen Krol play I would say he is a step faster then our right back. Umanzor called his old coach to see if he could at long last find a foreign league to play in, CDLC is looking for an excuse to bring him in. Krol will become a cancer if he is displaced at LB, he came here to play.

  • I will get my chance to ask on Saturday when Fire play DePaul...

  • Yeah, I have to say that this seems like the makings of a bad situation, given that Krol was just signed. Was this a communications breakdown between CDLC and Klopas? I don't like the way this feels.

  • Here we go again. I remember when Fire had Frankowski and he seldom played, and now Krol? Way to go Fire, selecting another coach that is playing favorites and not going with the more talented player. And I WAS looking forward to this season. Sigh...

  • Could it be that Krol is actually not fast enough to play outside?

    If Krol can play inside I kind of like the idea of Conde playing the defensive midfield role since he can actually get forward. This would also get Logan Pause off the field and on the bench ;)

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