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The Washington Post's Steve Goff is reporting that the new CBA has upped the salary cap from $2.3 million to $2.5 million.  Clearly that's a positive change.  At worst, it will allow a few players on each team a little bump in salary.  At best, it will allow teams to up the salaries of certain players enough so that they choose to stay in MLS over playing in European countries like Denmark.  Or Cyprus. 

Goff is also reporting that minimum salaries for senior players will be set at $40,000 for 2010.  Obviously this is fantastic news for those players who don't make the big bucks.  Take Peter Lowry as an example.  Pete made $20,100 last year.  He'll make $40,000 this year.  That's almost a 100% increase.  Something tells me he's thrilled about the terms of the new CBA. 

Finally, I wanted to mention how thrilling it is to me that the season will kick off on time.  I was definitely worried about the progress of negotiations (honestly, it didn't look good there for a while...) and it's a huge relief that the Fire will indeed be playing the Red Bulls this Saturday.  I honestly don't know how much I would've been able to write about had a strike occurred.  Thankfully, we won't find out the answer to that question.  Instead, we can keep our focus where it should be: on the field with the Fire.  It should be a very exciting 2010 for the club.  I'm expecting big things (like, say a MLS Cup appearance) from the team this year.  You should be too.  The team is in a great position to do big things. 

I'll probably be back with something more later on in the day.  Stay tuned. 


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  • The CBA will be a huge boost for lower-paid players. Double the salary - now Lowry will only have to take one extra job instead of two! I think part of this is a question of MLS competing with USL/NASL and foreign clubs for promising young players. Now the some of those guys may be less inclined to leave an MLS contract on the table.

    The question is, does this mean that the so-called "Developmental Players" will get a guaranteed 40k? Or are they still getting pennies on the dollar for the next five years?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    Is 40k not alot of money for a role player in a 2nd tier league? How much should these players be getting paid?

  • In reply to Modibo:

    the redraft thing was a good idea too,,,,wish i'd thought of it

  • In reply to Modibo:

    No word on what developmental contracts will be, but I think you're mistaken here, Sam. the 40k is for a senior contract, up from about 34k. Developmental contracts were only 20k, so I would expect them to jump to no higher than 25k.

  • In reply to RadioGonzo:

    Radio is right; the increase to $40K is for Senior players. Lowry, however, is listed as a Senior player on the Fire website (was he Developmental in 2009?). So he should get the 100% increase to which Sam referred.

  • In reply to ggorecki:

    My mistake on not posting that the salary increase was only for senior players. Should have had that in there from the start. It will be changed momentarily.

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