Rookie Update

Sean Johnson

When I talked with Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas on Monday, our conversation naturally turned towards the Fire's 2010 rookie class.

The group -- which includes draft picks Corben Bone, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Drew Yates, Sean Johnson and Steven Kinney along with trialists Mark Blades and Jovan Bubonja -- is currently in Arizona getting their first taste of professional soccer, hoping to make enough of an impression to make the Fire's final roster. Klopas was hesitant to delve into specifics on each player, but he did share the following about the rookie class as a whole.

"Listen it's [early on] but so far everybody is working hard," Klopas said. "As every day goes by you get to see more and more and learn more and more about the players and their characteristics. It's still early to be making any [roster] decisions at the moment but the good thing is that the guys are all working hard and they have a fantastic attitude. That part has been great." Klopas's niceties aside, the harsh reality for these rookies is that about half of them will not break camp on the Fire's final roster. Assuming that the new CBA doesn't increase the amount of players allowed on a roster, I expect the Fire to have anywhere from two to four rookies on the final roster

For now, I'll say that the trio of Corben Bone, Kwame Watson-Siriboe and Sean Johnson will be the only rookies to make the team. Should they -- and Collins John -- all make the squad, the Fire will have to make room by cutting one of last year's players. Possible players who could be in danger of not making the final cut include goalkeeper Andrew Dykstra (who I think the Fire should keep), defender Austin Washington and forward Stefan Dimitrov.


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  • Bye Bye Washington... I hope.

  • If we end up cutting Dykstra, Washington, or Dimitrov, should we take that as a sign that we are a deeper (better) team than last year? Or might we see guys who are performing at a level below the three "veterans" survive the cuts because of a higher ceiling?

    All I know is that it would seem to be good commentary on the depth of our squad relative to last year's if we're cutting guys from last year's team in favor of new blood.

  • There is no need to have 3 keepers on the roster. Johnson is a GA player so his salary doesnt count. He is going to be on the roster. Bone has the same situation. Watson-Siriboe is 1st round talent that we got in the 2nd, he'll be here. Carr should have been let go in favor of Dimitrov. I think if Dimitrov played in 59 more games, he would be able to score 6 goals. Not saying, just sayin...

  • Have you guy heard about the EthniCity Soccer USA?
    We should have fun in Soldier Field on Sunday July 11th for the FIFA World Cup and EthniCitySoccer finalss, don't you think?

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