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Chicago Fire v Los Angeles Galaxy

The league and players union have only two more days until the deadline to agree to a new CBA comes and goes. The expiring CBA, which has been the only one used throughout league history, doesn't have any provisions for player free agency or guaranteed contracts -- both points that the players union want included in the next bargaining agreement.

Fire midfielders John Thorrington and Logan Pause -- who are the team's two union representatives -- both declined to my request to comment on any issues surrounding a new CBA and the issues surrounding negotiation.

Should there be no new CBA in place on Friday, there will likely be a work stoppage. For how long remains to be seen, but for the sake of both the league and the players, I hope it won't be long. With the World Cup this summer, MLS needs to put its best product ever on the field this season -- starting with March 25th's opening game. The league won't be able to do that if there is any type of lengthy work stoppage.


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  • I'm getting a feeling things are not going well. Why is the progress being kept behind doors? Why so huss huss. If someone reviles will the whole thing fall apart? Is any part of this CBA related to the NFL CBA expiring and NFL is supposed to not have any cap in 2010?

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