Interviews with Klopas and John later on

I'll be interviewing Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas and the on-trial forward Collins John later on this morning (hopefully at around 11:30...) and I plan on having a post up shortly thereafter.  If you're reading this before noon, go ahead and pose a question to either Frank or Collins (or both...).  I'll do my best to work them into the interviews.  Be back at (hopefully...) 1 or 1:30. 

Update -- Training ran a little long today so I only just got off the phone with Frank Klopas (I'll be speaking with Collins John later.  He was unavailable due to his required presence at a team lunch).  So I'll have the post up a little later than originally expected.  I'm guessing it'll go live at around 2.


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  • To John-How does training with the Fire compare to training with Fulham?
    To Klopas-What do you expect from the team this year? Finals? Cup?

  • Klopas - Is he planning on using the DP this year? Are there any players still on his radar as possible signings before the season starts?
    John - How much did McBride being with the Fire influence his decision to give it a go with the Fire? What does he think his main strengths and weaknesses are as a player?

  • Frank - What initial reaction is he seeing from players to new coach?
    Does he think all the updates he made will make a successful season?

    John - What do you think you can bring to the team? Are you familiar with the team motto and can you up hold it?

  • John, I know many veterans across the pond don't view MLS as a last payday, but actually a new league with potential.

    How does a young anthlete like you view it?

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