Fire vs. Chivas Game Thread

Jon Busch

The Fire is all set to take on Mexican club CD Chivas in today's friendly in Guadalajara. I'll be providing updates -- including in depth descriptions of the goals courtesy of some emails from the kind people in the Fire front office -- throughout the afternoon so stay tuned.

**12:00 p.m. --** Game is set to kick off in a half hour. No word on the starting lineups yet, but I'll post them as soon as I receive word from either the Fire front office or the twitter feed.

**12:30 p.m. --** The game should be kicking off, oh just about now, but still no word on the starting lineups. I'm working on getting them for you and will post them as soon as I can.

**12:40 p.m.--** The game has kicked off and the Fire's starting lineup has finally been announced. Here it is:

GK: Busch
DEF: Ward, Brown, Conde, Krol,
MID: Pause, Martinez, Thorrington, Mapp, Pappa,
FWD: McBride **12:59 p.m. --** The Fire are turning on the pressure and they get a dangerous free kick opportunity as Krol gets fouled just outside the penalty area. I'm trying to secure updates from my contact in the front office about in-game specifics, and I'll post them as soon as she responds.

**1:04 p.m. --** Chivas creates their first chance of the game, hitting a free kick from long range just over Jon Busch's crossbar.

**1:15 p.m. --** Not really a whole lot coming in the way of clear cut chances this half. However, I have received word that the Fire academy team defeated the Chivas academy team in a match with them.

**1:24 p.m. --** GOAL MCBRIDE. Fire take the lead 1-0. McBride chips in over the goal keepers head after a long ball from Wilman Conde. Nice to see McBride get on the score sheet. It would be great to see him have another great start to the season in 2010. I'm currently awaiting more info on the specifics of the goal..

**1:35 p.m. --** Halftime in Guadalajara and the Fire lead 1-0. Just found out that McBride's goal was off of a header. Still awaiting a little more info...

**1:44 p.m. --** Second half has begun in Guadalajara with a bunch of changes to the Fire's lineup. Here's the new lineup:

GK: Johnson,
DEF: Woodbine, Robinson, Watson-Siriboe, Trialist? (Not sure who...?)
MID: Cuesta, Carr, Lowry Husidic, Banner,
FWD: John

**1:57 p.m. --** Collins John breaks through and cracks one off of the crossbar.

**2:00 p.m. --** Patrick Nyarko comes on for Baggio Husidic in the 68th minute.

**2:10 p.m. --** Peter Lowry picks up a yellow card for a mistimed challenge. Not gonna lie, I like to see the Fire getting in there and challenging hard. Have to keep it clean though...

**2:15 p.m. --** Should be about five minutes left. We'll see if the Fire can hold on...

**2:29 p.m. --** Chivas equalizes in stoppage time with a shot from 25 yards out. Bummer for the Fire, who had the lead for most of the game and all of the second half. Assuming that the game has gone final now, awaiting confirmation from the Fire staff...

**2:32 p.m. --** Just received word that the game has gone final. 1-1 draw in Guadalajara. Here's a little more info on Chivas's goal (the Fire staff is still working on figuring out who put it in) per Jeff Crandall of the Fire's website:

"The ball was possessed at the top of the 18, struck low with the right foot across the box and beat a diving Johnson to the left side of the goal."

The Fire will be coming out with a press release on the match soon and I'll hopefully be speaking with players and/or coaches about the game this evening.

**2:45 p.m. --** On another note, today is deadline day and a new CBA has yet to be agreed upon. It's not looking like the Players' Union and the league are going to be able to hash out an agreement. We'll see if the players go on strike (the owners previously declared that they had no intention of locking the players out), expect an announcement this afternoon.


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  • Anything regarding John and a contract? And what about the Forward from France any news on him?

  • Can you find out what the line for Chivas is? How strong of a line up the goats are playing and is this taking place at a practice field or at Estadio Jalisco?

  • In reply to kornkid15:

    Unfortunately, the Fire front office is not able to give me any info on the Chivas lineup. And I assume the match is at a practice field - not 100% sure but I'll check for you.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    thank you!

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    Not sure what his name is sam mentioned a while back the Fire were interested in a forward from France. I was hoping for an update.

  • In reply to SamuelStejskal:

    Siriboe was one of our draft picks.

  • In reply to ForzaRosso:

    Well Aware of that and was not talking about him.

  • In reply to bulls428:

    Watson-Siriboe, Trialist? (Not sure who...?)

    Well aware you were not talking about him. I was talking to Sam.

  • In reply to ForzaRosso:

    But I misread the context of his post. Evidently he knows who Siriboe is, but that another unknown trialist was also playing defense alongside him.

    Apologies Sam.

  • In reply to ForzaRosso:

    Who was this mystery trialist?
    Do the Fire PR people not know or are they being intentionally vague?

  • In reply to RadioGonzo:

    Mystery trialist was Jose Pepe Luis.

  • In reply to RadioGonzo:

    NO STRIKE!!!

    Let's run the table. Supporter's Shield and MLS Cup so there's no dispute. And get the Brimstone back while we're at it. Howay!!

  • In reply to oliotya:

    Don't forget the Open Cup. Let's also win the Superliga, qualify for CONCACAF, and just kick butt.

  • In reply to ForzaRosso:

    We have so many starting quality midfielders right now, Cobos is just trying to look at all of them. Come the start of the season, we'll see Mcbride and Johns up top. I wouldn't be too worried about the 4-5-1 right now. Plus nyarko up top among other players.I'm very excited with the load of talent and a coach who will know how to use it.

  • Great to see McBride producing. I'd love to see John be subbed in for someone in the second half to see how him and McB gel after being apart for so long.

  • Eric - who is the forward from France?
    Sam - an update on Collins John [please]!

    Also - the 4-5-1 lineup doesn't seem to be offense oriented. How are these warm-up matches contributing to Klopas' new offensive strategy?

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