Fire re-sign Carr

D.C. United v Chicago Fire

The Fire just announced that they have come to terms with forward Calen Carr -- resigning the 27-year-old former first round pick. Per league policy, terms of the deal weren't announced.

Carr, who has tallied six goals and three assists in 68 appearances spanning four years in Chicago, has missed a ton of time over the past two seasons with a reoccurring knee injury. I'm assuming the Fire don't have concerns over the injury -- otherwise they likely wouldn't be bringing Carr back.


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  • Seems to me either the reserve league is coming back over MLS will increase number of players per team? Maybe cap.
    Any idea which one Sam?
    Any updates on CBA?

  • In reply to Adam25:

    I would think the cap would increase, but that's purely a guess. I'll try and get an update on the CBA in the next one to two days for you all.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    you guys are trippin... Carr has been off because of the injuries.. but when he is healthy he is a player that can make stuff happen, out of nothing... Carr can be very dangerous, lets just hope he proves that to all of you now.

  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    What part of 6 out of 68 is dangerous? Dangerous to our team because we are playing a man down when he is playing. What about the seasons before she was hurt? Was he scoring goals then? Was he doing anything that looked like soccer to you? He could run really fast without the ball though...

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    He was scoring goals before his injury, but he didn't start and I think for a bunch of those 68 he's come on late. He was very dangerous in his rookie season and looked quick. I think that this move was made probably because his injury is gone/not as bad.

  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    He came to the league and the Fire in 2006.. 2007 he started to get more playing time, and then 2008 he had his season ending injury which led to him only playing 90 mins in 2009... Its hard to get playing time and settled in when your getting injuries and always having to try to bounce back. (not to mention being new to the league)

    Alls im saying is if he is injury free and has time to settle in and get comfortable he has potential to use his speed and quickness to beat defenders and set up goals... its all about confidence with players like him

  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    How many games does he need to get settled in? 100? 150? 68 games is 2 seasons worth of games. Hes scoring every 11 games or so. Thats not to bad right...

  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    out of those 68 games.. Calen Started in 15.. When you dont start its hard to settle into a game, and most of his mistakes came from him trying to do to0 much, maybe to prove that he should be playing more. JUST LET HIM GET COMFORTABLE AND LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS

  • In reply to ChicagoFire8:

    before he blew out his knee t.p. would go nuts when he entered the game...i like calen,,,i hope he's 100% and makes an impact..i agree with chicagofire8

  • I have a theory that Krank Klopas is an undercover commenter here who sided with me in the Carr vs. Dimitrov argument. Good choice, Mr. Klopas. (C'mon, guys, nicknames!)

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    Sorry Patrick, but Carr may be the worst player in MLS. he is certainly the dumbest in terms of football IQ, and runs around like a headless chicken. This move is totally baffling, unless there is a trade in the works. His salary is also inexplicably high so I doubt a trade is in the works. What does he bring to the team?

  • In reply to Celt:

    Caitlin Carr can trap the ball farther than I can kick it. He lost his speed with his injury and is a forward that has scored 6 goals in 68 games?! WTF could he possibly bring to our team? What team would want him in a trade? If were giving guys a million chances then where is Nick Noble? He played one bad half and got cut the next week. Carr has had a bad career and gets a new deal. Justin Mapp Jr.?

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