Corben Bone injury update

Instead of boarding a plane to Mexico for the second phase of preseason training with the rest of his teammates on Monday, Fire rookie midfielder Corben Bone remained in Chicago, where he is rehabbing a bone bruise picked up in last week's friendly against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Bone, who was the Fire's top draft pick, suffered the injury in the 22nd minute of the first game of the Fire's President's Day doubleheader.  According to multiple sources in the Fire front office who were at the game, Bone looked good before going out hurt, delivering crisp passes and looking quick on the ball. 

"My left leg was planted and I was getting ready
to pass it and a guy came in from the left side and kind of just hit my
planted left leg," Bone said of the injury-inducing tackle.  "My knee just kind of bent inwards and just kind of
stretched out my MCL.  I think maybe my knee joints hit
and that caused the bone bruise. So I just kind of
twisted my knee a little bit.  Not bad or anything, just enough that
it's going to keep me out for a bit."

Bone, who said he wasn't sure if he would heal in time to join the team before they leave Mexico on March 4th, shouldn't be out for too long with the injury

"I'm not sure of the exact date that it's going to keep me out until," Bone said.  "But I know that I should be back soon.  It's not really a serious injury, it's just a pretty bad bone bruise. I'm doing therapy right now so hopefully I'll be back as soon as I can."

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