Bone enjoying the start of his Fire career

Life as a MLS player is busy this time of year.  Between two-a-days, team meals, trips to and from the training ground and general soreness, a player's schedule is kept pretty full.  For rookies coming into this atmosphere after up to four years of college - where the atmosphere (though busy) is more relaxed - this can be a difficult - and occasionally unhappy - adjustment to make.  But for Fire rookie midfielder Corben Bone, life as a professional soccer player - while he admits it is busy - has been fantastic so far.  

"I've loved it man, it's been awesome," said Bone, who the Fire drafted in the first round (13th overall) out of Wake Forest.  "I've had a lot of fun and it's been cool to get to know the guys a bit more.  They all seem like really good guys.  It's a good core group of people and there's no one who thinks they're big time over the other guys and so I really like it.  I really like the work ethic and camaraderie and everything like that."

But no matter how much Bone has loved his first couple of weeks playing with the Fire, adjustments need to be made in the transition from college soccer to MLS.  Bone talked about the speed and physical nature of MLS as big differences between the college game and MLS, but he gave even greater emphasis to the mental changes that need to be made while making the jump to the professional level.

"Outside of soccer, I think you have to be mentally strong," Bone said.  "That's kind of been one of the different things.  You have to stay patient and take everything for what it's worth and not take anything for granted."

Bone, an attacking center midfielder who had 15 goals and 38 assists in his three years at Wake Forest, hopes to bring a fluid style of play to the center of the Toyota Park midfield - something that should mesh nicely with the Fire's newfound commitment to playing a free-flowing brand of soccer.   

"I think I'm a dynamic player," said Bone, who is currently being kept out of training by a bone bruise on his left knee.  "I like moving off the ball and combining with my teammates.  I like looking to sort of pass the ball instead of shooting and I do enjoy getting that really good pass or really good assist but also scoring goals.  I'm an attacking minded guy but I don't mind putting in that defensive work and kind of grinding it out a little bit to do those offensive things too."

Bone, who was projected by many to be a top-5 pick in this year's draft, will be using motivation gleaned from his draft day slide to help prove himself on the field.

"I definitely think I have something to prove," Bone said.  "I want to be recognized for my play and performance and stuff like that so I think I do have some motivation but I'm not going to try and prove that individually.  I think patience and persistence are good qualities to have and eventually I hope that I'll prove something like that but I'm not going to rush in into it."

Personally, I was very impressed by Bone in the ten minutes I spoke with him.  Apart from being a very articulate guy, it seems like he has his mind in the completely right spot to succeed.  I got the sense that he understands that he has to be patient and wait for his chance to prove himself, but that he is also eager for that opportunity to arrive. That's a great combination for a rookie to have.  We'll see how he does once he gets on the field with the first team, but for now, I'm very excited to see how his rookie season pans out. 


Barring any late breaking news, that's all for me today.  I'll be taking a break from the Corben Bone overload I've unintentionally embarked upon over the last few days and go back to more standard fare for tomorrow.  Watch out for my take on tonight's U.S.-El Salvador match (6 p.m., ESPN Classic and Galavision) in the morning, followed by coverage of the Fire-Chivas Guadalajara friendly.  Until then...

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  • Best of luck to the Bonecrusher. Good to see he's adjusting to the lifestyle. Now let's see him adjust to the game...

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