Afternoon Delight -- Klopas's thoughts on the game

Frank Klopas

I briefly spoke with Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas about yesterday's doubleheader. Unfortunately, I was only able to ask Frank a few questions before he had to go to the team lunch, but he did share some thoughts on the two matches worth sharing. Here they are...

On how he thought the Fire performed yesterday:

"I thought there were parts in both games that were positive," Klopas said. "I think a lot of the emphasis and the work that [Head Coach Carlos de los Cobos] has been focusing on with the group every day -- as far as the movement of the group off the ball, the circulation of the ball, and the one-two touch passing to keep possession -- paid off a bit yesterday."

"You can see in the short time that we've worked that the concepts are being used on the field by the players and that's good to see. There's still a lot of work to get done but we feel it was a positive start." On the 4-1-4-1 formation the Fire used in both matches:

"With that formation obviously we used the two inside midfielders to push up and be in supporting roles of the strikers and wide players. It's not just the responsibility of the striker to attack and score goals that's why you have the midfielders, to push up. And the guys in the back need to be in a position where they can support and even score so yeah it was good we need to keep working though."

On any players that stood out:

"It was a good performance by the group. I never single out players. We play well as a group we lose as a group."

All in all, not incredibly enlightening answers from Klopas. It was unfortunate that we only had a short time to talk, but from the answers he gave me, I have a feeling that I wouldn't have gotten much more out of him if given a full hour. Anyway, that's all for me today barring any breaking news. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.


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  • So the 4-1-4-1 was really a 4-1-2-2-1. Hold on a second, this is confusing. I think thats a Backs-Defensive Mid-Center Mids-Wing Mids-Striker. I think he said the two mids were attacking-ish. So a 5-5. We should do a 1-1-8, like in that one Joga Bonito commercial. I think that I need one of Janjo's protein shakes after all of that thinking.

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