Updating the Gonzalo Segares situation (Updated)

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Despite it coming out over a week ago that Gonzalo Segares had agreed to a deal with Cypriot side Apollon FC, the 27-year-old left back -- whose contract with the Fire expired at the end of the 2009 season -- has yet to put pen to paper and sign with the Mediterranean island club.

That could all change today though, as Segares has finally arrived in Cyprus and will likely sign a short term deal after going through some physicals today.

"Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I'll sign," Segares said via email. "What we [agreed upon] is to sign a [5] month deal... At the end of the contract we will both have an option -- me and the team -- to see if I stay or go so if they want me we will negotiate and if not then I will leave." The short length of the deal allows Segares to wet his feet in the European market without getting locked in to Apollon -- something that could be ideal for him.

"[The deal] gives me the chance for maybe someone else to see me and [maybe I'll] try to jump to a different team. But as of now what I want is to get back on the field and play. Get back my rhythm and play some games because it's just been a while without an actual game so i just need to get some games and hopefully I will do OK and then at the end -- like I told you -- negotiate here or go somewhere else."

So it seems that the motivation behind Segares moving to the Cypriot league (which, according to Frank Klopas, has "four or five teams that pay a lot of money") is more complicated than just maximizing his bottom line. Take it how you like, but the above quote seems to indicate that Gonzalo wants to use his time at Apollon as a stepping stone to a bigger and better league. How that works out remains to be seen.

UPDATE -- Here's a little more from Gonzalo, again via email.

"I will never rule going back to Chicago. That's always an option. I like the city, the fans so I always have had on my mind going back to Chicago, whether it's in 5 months or later on."


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  • Or he wants to be here but doesnt want to sign anything before the CBA is agreed. Say the salary cap goes to 4 million. That leaves an extra 1.7 million to negotiate a new deal. You would think that playing in Chicago would be better than Cyprus. So with the way Klopas is working this off season, I wonder if he has talked to Gonzalo about this.

  • Dreaming of that, but I think Krystof (23 years old) is 99% convinced he's coming, according to one of Sam's earlier links. During the draft, I heard Ive's say on his blog that he thinks the new back is a good quality player, so thats good.

  • Sam, solid info. Thanks for taking the time to get Sega's side of things.

  • I'd be crazy out of my mind if Sega comes back, like will ferrel in elf, "santas coming, I know him!!!Santa!!!!! Change Santa to Sega in that clip, and I'm so will ferrell crazy.
    Sega phone home. (insert any of many lyrics for come back songs).
    Sam- have klopas tell him the Greek food in Greek town is just as good as in Greece.

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