Updating the de los Cobos and Martinez situations


So far this offseason the Fire has parted ways with former head coach Denis Hamlett, seen Brandon Prideaux retire, lost David Myrie in the expansion draft, and watched as Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Chris Rolfe and (now) Gonzalo Segares left to ply their trade abroad.

They have yet to bring in anyone new.

For his part, Technical Director Frank Klopas is sticking to his "we're still in the process" of hiring a head coach shtick. However, I've learned that the Fire could be making an announcement about the team's next coach as soon as tomorrow - one day before the start of the MLS Player Combine. Carlos de los Cobos, a 51-year-old Mexican manager who was head coach of El Salvador from 2006 until last month, has emerged as the leading candidate for the job.

I asked Klopas about the philosophy that de los Cobos would bring to the Fire. Apart from confirming that the Fire has indeed interviewed de los Cobos, Klopas didn't say much new about the former Mexican international's style of managing. But regardless of who is hired, it's pretty apparent that next year's team will have a strong attacking mindset. "We want to be an attack minded team," Klopas said. "We have two responsibilities; obviously one is to win but we also want to put on a good show for the fans and the way you do that is through tactical organization, being a dynamic team, getting the ball moving fast, and having great ideas on the field."

"The game today is all about movement. It's about the ball moving fast, about players on the field having an idea about how to attack the other team and about the coach having tactical organization and about having different ideas about how were playing so whoever we bring in has to be able to play like that. He has to be able to give the team tactical organization on the field and make the team [one]."

Jermaine Johnson, Julio Martinez

I also spoke with Klopas about winger/forward Julio Martinez. It has been reported that a possible hire of de los Cobos hinges on the team's ability to sign the 24-year-old Martinez, who played under de los Cobos on the Salvadoran National team. Again, Klopas didn't have much to say...

"We're looking at different players," he said. "He's... one of the guys that we're looking at but obviously there are other guys out there too. It's just too early to say anything. But like I said when I kind of described our philosophy and how we want to play that if you bring a player in he's got a be a team player, [he's] got to be dynamic, good with the ball and - depending on the position - has to fit certain characteristics."

Again, there's not really too much new here. But I thought it was worth sharing with you all at the very least. I'll be back tomorrow with more Fire news. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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  • Thanks for answering a few questions on my list. What do you think of all of this?

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    I don't know a whole lot about either but my initial reaction is positive. De los Cobos did a good job with a historically challenged team in El Salvador and Martinez seems like an exciting young player. The added bonus with Martinez is the fact that he builds depth at outside mid and forward. That will be important for 2010 seeing as how both Rolfe and Blanco will be gone.

  • In reply to patrickhattrick:

    The New York Red Bulls have hired Hans Backe as their new coach. So its up to Fire to make annoucement already...

  • It would be nice to have him signed before the combine but not mandatory. We dont need to rush anything. If he is the right man then pull the trigger but if he isnt then keep looking.

    Here is a little youtube clip of this Martinez player. Looks like a pretty good player.


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