NIVEA Presents the Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration

Normally I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. I used to make a couple every year, but when I realized that I fell back into (most) of my old habits by January 15th, I kind of gave up on them. But this year I'm going breaking my self-imposed resolution moratorium in order to focus on a few changes that I want to make on this very website.

**1) Be more professional with sources**

At times I've ran with a few things that came from a questionable source. I'm not saying I've done this recently, but it's something that isn't professional in any way and those days are coming to a close. For this to be the site that I want it to be, I need to be journalistically responsible all the time and that's something that I plan on doing in the New Year. **2) Continue to improve my writing**

I feel like this is the area that I've made the greatest strides in since the blog kicked off last May. But there's always room for improvement so I really, really want to continue to make strides with my writing in 2010.

**3) Be more personal**

I know that I haven't been too personal in my writing thus far. I'm going to start working that in a lot more over the next year. Fire Confidential is going to remain a source for news and analysis but I want to let my personality shine through more in 2010. It's something that I've already started working on and will continue to do in the coming months.

Thanks for your support of the site. If you have any suggestion for me (i.e. something you want to see more of/less of/you get the idea) let it be known. Put all your suggestions in the comments section and I'll get to work on them.
Happy New Year.


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  • Thank you for the blog. I read it daily.

    If you want to make your writing better and improve your appearance of journalistic professionalism, avoid basic grammar errors. "At times I've ran..." is a good example.

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  • Q and A sessions with players, guest bloggers thats all I can really think of. Great blog, I also read daily.

  • Happy New Year and have fun with it in 2010 Sam!

    I, and anyone with a bit of perspective, appreciates what you're bringing us on this site.

    2010 is the year! Go Fire!

  • I like this blog and think that your writing is something that I could learn from. I have some blog suggestions, no personal suggestions.
    Maybe a practice schedule somewhere on the website. I know En Fuego has it but it's not very updated.
    Another soccer blog has a comment hall of fame which is pretty cool, I'd like one of those.
    Could we have a weekly 'game to watch over the weekend' feature?
    I've loved the Q&As so far, more of those would be great.
    I also liked your weekly session with Hamlett
    Happy New Years Sam, I've given you everything I could think of!

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