Report: De los Cobos leader for Fire head coaching job

The Washington Post is reporting that former El Salvador coach [Carlos de los Cobos is the leading candidate to become the Fire's next head man](

Should De los Cobos be coming to Chicago he likely wouldn't be coming alone. [Another report from the Washington Post has De los Cobos's hiring hinging (at least in part) on the Fire's ability to sign 24-year-old Salvadoran winger/forward Julio Martinez]( Martinez played with Mexican club Club Leon in last season's *Apertura*, scoring three goals in seven games.

Signing Martinez would add to the Fire's depth in the forward and outside midfielder areas, which have both taken hits this offseason with the departures of Chris Rolfe and Cuauhtemoc Blanco.


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  • boy, talk about late to a story. Has school started again already, Sam?

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    Rough stuff. I start again on Monday. No smear on your efforts, though. Just giving you a hard time.

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    Oh no worries

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    It seems like I still haven't heard much about this guy, even though he seems to be the favorite to win the job. I've arranged a little list of questions I have for everybody about this De Los Cobos guy.
    1) Will he bring some more offense to the Fire? We all know about the attacking soccer that we've been promised.
    2) What skill level is this Julio Martinez on? Would he start for us?
    3) Is he multiple levels above Hamlett's coaching level?
    4) How good is his resume? What's his biggest success?
    5) Does he speak good English? I know this will effect some of the players and they can't have any communication problems, just to avoid locker room fights.
    6) Does he have a history of players liking him, or do they hate him? We need to get 'the Secret' with the Fire.
    That's all, everybody let me know if you know anything. Great work, Sam.

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    Something new, foreign, young, bringing in his players. Sounds good to me.

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    I was hoping for Onalfo, but at this point I just want to start seeing the roster improvements for 2010. I don't care too much who the coach is as long as he doesn't punch our defenders in the face.

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    You are hoping for KCs leftovers? We need to go in a new direction. We need a coach to demand the respect of the players by his efforts and ability. We don't need someone to know the league. Thats what Klopas is for. The new coach needs to just coach, and win trophies.

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    For all your up to date Fire news check out:

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    Good news. Getting a coach of this statute, plus a 24 year old winger/forward out of it.

    I'm hoping we get this guy. The start of a new Fire direction!

    Come through Klopas! Pay him what he wants, and get the players he wants!

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    Finally MLS is growing into a real soccer league, all this COLLEGE TAINTED SOCCER COACHES ARE JUST EMBARRASSING....

  • Just a question. I mean, half theplayers don't speak it so it would be interesting to know.

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    Unfortunately, it's something that has to be considered. You need your head coach to be able to communicate with all of the fan base be it directly or through the media. You also don't want anything lost in translation with your players and staff.

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    Agreed Guillermo. Should it be a deciding factor? No, but it is a valid question.

    Janjo, would you like your boss to speak German to you?

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    Anyone heard any news about where Segares may wind up now that the transfer window is open?

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    He's going to a Cypriot team, Apollon FC. I've written a post on the topic but I'm currently having some technical difficulties getting it up on the site. I'm hoping they'll get worked out within the next few minutes.

  • Future new Leftback?,75914,title,Krol-otrzymal-oferte-z-Chicago-Fire,wid,11830097,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=1969d

    "Perhaps the next player to bid farewell to Jaga during the break in the competition will be Krzysztof Krol. The 23-year-old left-back was previously on trial in Italy, but none of those clubs made the transfer offer. This one came while the United States.

    Chicago Fire made a proposal to take Krol on loan with an option to purchase, and we may possibly accept - said Kulesza. If Krol leaves Jagiellonia, the club management are unlikely to find anyone to take his place."

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