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Don Garber

With the draft set to get started in less than 20 minutes, it's about time I started live blogging the event. The Fire has the 13th, 22nd, 29th, 45th and 52nd picks in this year's draft; which contains four rounds and 64 picks. I'll be watching the event live on ESPN2 beginning at 1 and hopefully some of you choose to follow along right here.

Live coverage is posted after the jump... **12:51 p.m. -- 9 minutes to draft time**

My prediction for the Fire's first pick is center back Kwame Watson-Siriboe from UConn.
With Wilman Conde's contract expiring at the end of the year and C.J. Brown getting up there in age, Watson-Siriboe would provide some security at the relatively thin center back position.

**1:04 p.m.**

It looks like Philly is going to use the first overall pick on forward Danny Mwanga. Mwanga, who played at Oregon State, originally hails from the Republic of Congo.

An additional storyline includes Philadelphia making some trades to acquire the 6th and 7th picks to go along with the first selection of the draft.

Also what's the over/under on the amount of names that MLS commissioner Don Garber butchers today? 3? 5?

**1:06 p.m.**

Philadelphia does indeed pick 18-year-old Danny Mwanga. Philadelphia fans respond by singing the Generation Adidas draft pick's name repeatedly. Looks like the draft will have a nice atmosphere.

**1:10 p.m.**

New York elects to go with midfielder Tony Tchani. Tchani, who played for the national champion University of Virginia, is also a Generation Adidas player. The Fire gets first crack at him when they open up the season at brand-new Red Bull Arena. I'm excited to get a look at the big midfielder.

Mwanga calls being picked number one "almost like a dream." San Jose is up next...

**1:16 p.m.**

The Earthquakes go with Ike Opara out of Wake Forest. Good pick by San Jose, who gave up a league worst 50 goals last season. Kansas City is up next, I would guess they'll pick Akron forward Teal Bunbury.

**1:21 p.m.**

KC uses the fourth pick of the draft on forward Teal Bunbury. Bunbury, another Generation Adidas player, won the 2009 Hermann Trophy as college soccer's most outstanding player. Dallas is up next.

**1:26 p.m.**

Dallas makes defender/midfielder Zach Loyd the fifth selection of the draft. Loyd, a product of the University of North Carolina, is being tabbed as a hard working player that can provide a little bite to the Dallas midfield. Philly has the next two picks. Expect some more big ovations...

**1:30 p.m.**

The Union select midfielder Amobi Okugo (yet another Generation Adidas player...) with the sixth pick. Okugo, who only attended UCLA for about three months, is a player dubbed with a lot of upside. Not a bad choice by Philly.

**1:35 p.m.**

Philly takes 17-year-old forward Jack McInerney with their third pick of the first round. Easily the most intriguing pick of the draft so far. McInerney, who is another Generation Adidas signing, is definitely a project player but who better than Peter Nowak to develop him? I'm definitely very interested to see how his career pans out over the next few years.

Columbus, [who just re-signed midfielder/forward Guillermo Barros Schelotto](, is up next.

**1:50 p.m.**

Apologies for my absence. My computer randomly crashed. Getting up to speed since I last posted, Columbus picked midfielder Dilly Duka and New England selected Wake Forest forward Zack Schilawski. Chivas is on the clock.


Chivas selects Akron forward/midfielder Blair Gavin. Gavin is the eighth Generation Adidas selection out of the first ten picks. The Sounders are on the clock.

**1:58 p.m.**

Seattle selects UCLA forward David Estrada with the 11th pick of the draft. Kind of a surprising pick at this point for Seattle, though Sigi Schmid certainly has a good track record for these kinds of picks. Columbus is now on the clock.

**2:02 p.m.**

Columbus uses the first timeout of the draft. They'll have a five minute extension for their next pick. I kind of like the timeout policy MLS has. A little bit of a unique wrinkle for the league...

**2:07 p.m.**

So no timeout for Columbus, as they select Notre Dame forward Bright Dike. Dike, who is 6'1" and stockily built, scored a plethora of goals for ND in his last few seasons in South Bend. The Fire is on the clock. I'm sticking with my prediction of Kwame Watson-Siriboe.

**2:11 p.m.**

The Fire select midfielder Corben Bone out of Wake Forest. Bone, who notched 30 assists over the last two seasons at Wake, is a Generation Adidas player -- meaning that he won't count against the salary cap for the Fire. By all accounts, Bone struggled at the combine, somewhat affecting his stock at the draft. He finished third in the Hermann trophy voting this season and should provide a bit of attacking creativity in the center of the midfield for 2010 and beyond. Looks like a solid pick to me.

The Red Bulls are up next.

**2:21 p.m.**

After taking a five minute timeout, the Red Bulls select Wake Forest midfielder Austin Da Luz with the 14th pick of the draft. But I want to talk a bit more about Corben Bone. Seriously, the guy has a fantastic name. Just rolls off the tongue and has fantastic potential for nicknames. I've thought of a couple so far but my favorite has to be The Bonecrusher.

**2:34 p.m.**

First trade of the draft is between the Galaxy and Real Salt Lake. RSL gets the 15th pick and a 2011 third round pick for the 16th pick of this draft and midfielder Clint Mathis.

With the 15th pick RSL selects Colin Water from the University of Portland. With the 16th pick the Galaxy selects Naperville native Michael Stephens out of UCLA. Poor Don Garber had to explain all of that to everybody at the Pennsylvania Convention Center twice. Yuck. Mathis is an interesting addition to L.A. though. They seem to be very old in the attack...

**2:40 p.m.**

That puts an end to the first round (and the TV coverage...) of the 2010 SuperDraft. Unfortunately that's it for me too, as I have to head off to class (can't ditch twice in one week for Fire related activities...). I will update the site when the Fire make their selections though.

**3:40 p.m.**

I'm a little late with the news, but the Fire used the 26th pick to select UConn centerback Kwame Watson-Siriboe. Clearly Frank Klopas is reading the blog and seeing who I predicted the Fire would draft. He's just stealing them 13 picks after I think the Fire should grab them. What a guy.

One final note, I really liked what Philadelphia did. I'm excited to see how they work out and hoping the fan support is good (though I don't expect it to be up to the standard Seattle set last season...).

**3:50 p.m.**

Drew Yates is the newest member of the Fire, as the team used the 29th pick to select the midfielder/forward out of the University of Maryland. Yates had five goals and three assists in his senior season with the Terps. Should be another solid addition to the midfield for the Fire if he sticks around through pre-season.

**3:55 p.m.**

Some quotes on the Corben Bone selection:

Corben Bone: "I am so grateful to be joining a great club like the Chicago Fire. I look forward to joining the team right away and start contributing in any way I can in 2010. I'd like to thank Coach de los Cobos and Frank Klopas for giving me this opportunity."

Frank Klopas: "We are very pleased to add Corben to the Fire family. As a Generation Adidas player, Corben is a very promising young player with great potential and will make a great addition to the roster as we work to fill key positions on the team."

"Corben is a strong and consistent player and is a great pick for the Fire," said head coach Carlos de los Cobos. "Frank Klopas and the technical staff spent a lot of time evaluating players before and during the combine, so we were well prepared heading into the draft today and we're fortunate to have Corben join the club."

**6:21 p.m.**

Apologies for not being able to post in the last 2 1/2 hours. Class, as it so often does, got in the way. But I'm back now and it's way past time to update the Fire's picks. Since I've been gone the draft came to a close with the Fire drafting Steven Kinney (Defender, Elon University) and Sean Johnson (Goalie, Central Florida) to round out their rookie class. Overall, I thought the Fire did excellent work in today's draft. Their top two picks (Bone and Watson-Siriboe) were absolute steals and Drew Yates seems like a solid player in his own right. We'll have to see how many of these guys make the opening day roster, but hopefully they'll turn into solid MLS players for years to come.

Anyway that's all for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.


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  • Would have been nice to keep Baky. Oh well... Hamlett gone, no need to keep flogging a dead horse.

  • and oh yeah... they need to stop calling this a Superdraft.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    Definitely. It's absolutely awful.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    Who cares if they call it a "Superdraft?"

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    It's less watched than even the MLB draft, and the athletes being drafted, while good, are not the BEST of the BEST athletes in America, and what are the other leagues like EPL, Spanish 1st Division, Serie A thinking when they look at our so called "SUPER" draft? It's almost laughable.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    They arent laughing at us because it is the "superdraft." They are laughing at us because we are having A draft. They are laughing at us because we have a salary cap. They are laughing at us because we have one team that can sell out their stadium. They are laughing at us because we have players like Austin Washington on a team.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    3D with grip, weird, but that's what Harks and Lalas were joking about.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    I say nicknames have to be earn. I got one too Bone-collector.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    Corben Bone was a steal at #13. He is widely listed as a top 5 player, I think the staff got lucky with this pick. Here is some analysis at ESPN:

  • In reply to waamsy:

    Kwame Watson-Siriboe with their second pick!? WOW! He was expected to be a first round pick. Great great draft for the Fire thus far.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    If Corben is a bust then he's a Bonehead. Good job, Mr. Klopas, but still, Baggio still hasn't made any noise. Let's see both of them show this year.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    New addidas soccer ball, new fire uniforms, new fire members, I wonder what else this day will bring? Sam can you post pics of items mention. Thanks in advance...

  • In reply to waamsy:

    are those the new 2010 balls?

  • Don't forget about Krol. He is an outside defender and reportedly pretty close to being signed.

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