Fire sign Martinez to loan deal


The Fire announced this afternoon that midfielder Julio Martinez will join the club on loan from Mexican second division side Club Leon FC. Martinez, who played for Fire head coach Carlos de los Cobos on the El Salvadoran National Team, for which he has scored two goals in ten appearances.

"Julio is a true professional with a winner's mentality who will come in and help our team," said de los Cobos. "I could not be happier about his signing and look forward to incorporating him in with the rest of the guys." The 24-year-old Martinez will play an active role in the Fire's attempt to replace attackers Chris Rolfe and Cuauhtemoc Blanco, both of whom left Chicago this offseason to ply their trade abroad.

"Martinez is an exciting player who's known for his middle-range shooting and ability to score goals," said Technical Director Frank Klopas. "I think he'll make an excellent addition to our roster."

Per MLS policy, terms of the loan weren't released.

Between today's signing, yesterday's report that Krzysztof Krol will be joining the Fire, and last week's draft, the Fire's roster is starting to take a definitive shape. Klopas and de los Cobos, who have emphasized their desire to bring attacking, attractive soccer to Toyota Park for the entire offseason, have stayed true to their word so far; bringing in players that fit that system through both the draft and transfer market. It should be exciting to see how these guys all do on the field next season. I think it's more than fair to expect another appearance in the Conference final come November 2010.


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  • I'm excited to see young players playing with Fire. If you look at Philly roster only 2 players over 30, but the inexperience for them might hit harder and sooner. If the Fire repeat their start in 2010 in going 10 games undefeated them we will be in great shape for the rest of the season...

  • Let's put Collins John in a Fire jersey, and you can start talking about conference championship game again. right now, we still need another forward, or McBride will need to have a career year, and Nyarko will need to finally arrive.

  • Conference final is not good enough. Hamlett got us to the conference final. Supporters Shield is a must. There is no reason that we shouldn't win the SS. Especially if we get John also.


    Mapp,Banner,Robinson,Husidic,Nyarko,Woolard all on the bench. All those guys could go to any other MLS side and get good or great minutes. The expectations have to be set high this year. We need trophies.

    That team should win many games this year

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    DLC Said he likes playing a 3-5-2 also
    Maybe this:


  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    With all that may or may not happen during a season, saying things like "Supporters Shield is a must" is absolutely ridiculous. I agree that we have the talent to win any competition we enter this year, but in a league with a salary cap there will inevitably be several teams who can say the same thing. We have had dramatic roster changes in addition to bringing in a new coach. We have no idea how things will gel, how long it will take new players to become comfortable with the old players, or how long it will take the old players to become comfortable with a new coach and playing style, and we have no idea what injuries or other misfortunes may occur during the season. Conference Final may very well be good enough, though I want to see the cup here as much as anyone. Ridiculous demands, however, will do no good for anyone.

  • In reply to DDT5583:

    If the Conference Final is enough, then we should have Hamlett still. He did get us to 2 in a row. We have the best roster in the league, right? We have the deepest roster in the league, right? We pretty much have a good replacement for anybody that gets hurt, including McBride. Especially if we get John. There is no reason why we shouldn't win the SS. So I am completely fine with saying that the SS is a must. We need to be in the Champions League next year or its another wasted season in my eyes.

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