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I'm sure many of you have heard of Megabus, the bus company that offers really low fares to and from cities across the country. And if you've heard of Megabus, you've probably heard that they offer free wi-fi on all of their buses.


Well I'm currently on a Megabus (going to St. Louis for the weekend) and there is no Internet connection.  Normally this wouldn't be too big of an issue for me, but since I was planning on posting a blog entry from the bus, I'm currently in a bit of a sticky situation.


Luckily I got an iPhone for Christmas. And I'm now posting my first ever entry typed exclusively on a phone. Bear with me... Please...


In my talk with Technical Director Frank Klopas on Monday the topic of the draft came up. The Fire has five picks (13, 23, 26, 39, 42) in this year's draft, which will be held on January 14th in Philadelphia.  The draft is preceded by this weekend's combine, feauturing dozens of rookie prospects.


The Fire, who has lost attackers Chris Rolfe and Cuauhtemoc Blanco along with defenders Brandon Prideaux and Gonzalo Segares this offseason, is looking to use the draft (along with other signings) to bolster the team's depth across the board.


"The forward line is a key area for us to add some depth as well as in the central defense," Klopas said. "It all depends upon who's available at the time."



I expect the Fire to pick up a defender with their first round pick.  Forward looks like its going to be a position that Klopas will add to through other routes and midfield is the deepest position on the roster while defense is comparitively thin.


Defenders who seem like they would be a good fit for the Fire include center back Kwame Watson-Siriboe (UConn) and fullback Ofori Sarkodie (Indiana). However, if the Fire signs fullback Krzysztof Krol (which sources tell me is likely to happen) or a talented forward slips to 13, this could all change.


Well that's all for now. I'll be back later on in the day if any news breaks (let's hope the bus's wi-fi is working if it does...) so be sure to check back as the day progresses.


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  • Does anybody know anything about this Krol kid? From this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azfZG8vsXYM) he looks like he is more of an attacking fullback rather than the defend first type. Looks like he likes to get forward and make things happen. That is a good thing in my eyes.

  • Seagres used move forward he did have 2 goals last year. I say as long as he gets back when he needs to no need to worry...

  • Can't say this enough man, you been on your A game lately. Great great job.

    And suhweet, you got "sources" now. EAT THAT IVES AND GOFF!

  • boom


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5p9CyPNLUA good player

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