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MLS Cup - Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake

The last 18 hours have been insanely busy for me so unfortunately, I don't have a post for you this morning. I'll be back with a little something this afternoon though, so be sure to check back.

(*Update -- I just got off the phone with Frank Klopas and should have a new piece up at about 3:15*)

I'll leave you with the news that the Seattle Sounders [have already sold enough tickets to break the single-season attendance record that they set last year]( The Sounders have sold more than 31,000 season tickets this offseason -- a number exceeding their 2009 average home attendance of 30,943. Crazy numbers, Seattle. Crazy.


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  • qwest field is centrally located in seattle. the fire blew the opportunity for any kind of consistent crowd when they moved to bridgeview. bridgeview is not a destination people want.

  • They picked that location because there was supposed to be a waterpart next to TP and a movie theather and a shopping mall but I don't know what happen to the development plans... I think its a good location...

  • They also went to Bridgeview because they had no good options in the City. Doesn't anyone remember when this stadium proposal business was going down? Daley doesn't care about soccer so no stadium for the Fire and no World Cup games.

  • @kaca

    Do you think that we would get that kind of turn out if we were still at Soldier Field? In a word, no. If people want to go to games, they will go. Its a 20 min drive from the city.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    @ joe
    no. but the fire did draw consistently larger crowds when they were at soldier field. also for fans like myself who drive in 45 miles chicago had so much more to offer than bridgeview. i have been a season ticket holder (x4) since the start. when the games were at soldier field we would spend the day in chicago, go to the museums, shop, dine, etc. where do you do that in bridgeview? now we just go to the games, which is okay but we used to make an adventure out of the day. as sterile as naperville/north central college was at least there were restaurants and bars within walking distance of the stadium.
    they had options in chicago and other suburbs that may not have been as good financially as bridgeview but had more to offer. bridgeview was completely about the $$$$. they were only thinking short term not long term.
    don't forget that we did host the world cup in 94. i don't think that daley hates soccer. i think that chicago was shell shocked about being slapped by the olympic committee and hadn't considered the world cup bid until too late. i blame us soccer for not including chicago and working with them to improve their bid. just my opinion.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Great job, Sounder nation. Bridgeview is a weird suburb to have it in if you're going to put it in the suburbs and not the city. It'd be great if it were in the City, but you really just couldn't do that I guess. Bridgeview is just so empty. It would be cool to have it in Naperville, it is a nice town. Downers Grove, Western Springs, Hinsdale and Aurora aren't far behind. I think it would be cool if it were around there, because there would be plenty of people, since nothing else ever happens in DG or the Springs. Maybe even Hinsdale, although that town is a little smaller. You would have people at practices, too.That would be nice. Plus, probably less than an hour away from the city and tons of stuff to do around there for people like you, kaca.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Lets not forget Sh!ttle does not have any real fans... just adidas scarf wearing "siportas"

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Didn't the fire get the offered the old comisky grouds for a stadium just nothing else. Where Bridgeville offered the biggest package if I remember right. and honestly anyplace I have to drive to makes me not want to go. I live in the city to not drive.. but the solution is party bus!

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    Seattle Sounders FC season ticket holder. The Portland fans call us names because we sell twice their seats, have a better stadium, have a better team, and coming in 2011, will have a better rivalry. Chicago should do better than ally itself with the pondscum. Seriously guys, Chicago, you don't want to ally with P*ndscum. It would be like Seattle allying itself with Green Bay or Rockford.

    As for why we are rocking it out here for soccer, the standard story is we're just fair weather fans who were bribed with scarves. Do you seriously believe that. What is really going on is a nice combination of the following:

    - Vast local support for soccer at all youth levels. More youth clubs than anywhere in America per capita.
    - A very successful USL Seattle Sounders franchise, which was promoted in a way into the MLS Sounders.
    - Ownership that definitely did reach out to the community, sometimes with promotions, more often though with solid facts by building a winner, committing early to players like Keller and Ljungberg, creating the Alliance, and embracing a vocal spokesman/cheerleader like Drew Carey. Love him or hate him, his heart is legit, and he does help focus the newbie energies.
    - Downtown location. The Fire could have played at Soldier Field and refused? Insane. Qwest Field (or as we call it, Royal Brougham Park) was perfect for soccer -- loud noise focusing steep sided narrow stands, great sight lines in any section, and centrally located. I myself can ride maybe 40 different busses or trains and get out at the stadiums door.
    - The band. OK, not everyones thing. What out of towners don't realize is that there are actually two "marches to the match" (though they run together) .. one that leaves first following the band / rally, and the other "real" one full of supporters that spill out of neighboring bars. This is the infamous march, the one that gets on youtube for the chants. ECS, NES, Gorilla FC and Immortal Fury all hang back til the noobs are done following the marching band then we spill out en masse. Burn Destroy Wreck and Kill.

    So you see folks. It isn't just one dumb thing like we're fair weather followers of promotions. Soccer has run deep in Northwest for years, the rest of the country doesn't understand that, figures we're just boarding a trend. Well its Year Two now of the trend following, nobody's gotten off the bandwagon. Heck, I even renewed my season tickets before I saw this years promotional scarf!!!

    And P*ndscum can suck it. 2-1 USL Cup, Levesque 1'.

  • In reply to Rubberbandman189:

    I don't think some people realize how LITTLE clout the Fire had before the stadium was built (and they don't have that much now). It wasn't as if they had all these great locations were screaming for the team to locate there. Staying in Soldier Field was a terrible option. They were 3d fiddle to the Bears and any other event that was going on there. They couldn't even get the grass cut properly in June because the Bears forbade it. My brother-in-law works at Soldier Field and he says that the Fire weren't even allowed in the HOME dressing room. Add all the financial disincentives and the 10,000 people in the huge stadium and the game experience sucked. Sorry people can't get to the museums but that's not the purpose of the stadium. My main complaint re. Toyota Park is that it is a bitch to get out of after the game.

    Interestingly, Houston is experiencing a similar dilemma. And they draw pretty well. But, the downtown site is not falling in their lap. I'm sure they're aware of the Seattle/Toronto downtown effect but you have to work with what you have.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    If you park on the north side of the stadium it triples your exit time. I parked on the north side one time and it took about an hour or so to get out. East side, 25 min tops. It would be nice to go into the city for the games but I would be doing the same thing I do at TP. Go tailgate, watch the game and then either tailgate after or head to a buddies house and hang out. I could do that in the city or in Bridgeview.

  • In reply to oliotya:

    umyeah, about that 10,000 in a huge nfl stadium thing... the Sounders play at an NFL stadium. A year ago they covered all but 22,000 seats. That was going to be the original capacity, 22,000. Then sales started picking up...

    The point is you can work with a large venue if you want, sounds like the Fire and the Bears / Park District just didn't want to.


  • @Joe

    20 minute drive from the city? Maybe at midnight with no traffic. However, when they host games (weeknights & to a lesser extent, weekends), there's plenty of traffic. It's more like 45 or 50 minutes from downtown. It's 20 minutes from Midway, and since I don't live over there, that doesn't count as the city.

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