Wynalda interested in Fire's head coaching position

I've learned that Eric Wynalda, the 2nd all time leading scorer in U.S. National Team history and current co-host of Fox Football Fone-in on FSC, is strongly interested in the Fire's head coaching position. 

I would be very surprised if the Fire hired Wynalda, who was notorious for his brashness both on the playing field and in the broadcast booth throughout his career.  That said, I'm currently working on gauging the Fire's interest in Wynalda, who played for the club in 2001. 

Going off of Wynalda's reputation, I don't think he would be a good fit for the Fire.  The Fire just parted ways with a tempermental coach in Denis Hamlett and conventional wisdom would suggest that they'll try and get away from a coach like that this time around. 

Another factor going against Wynalda is his lack of coaching experience.  Player development could be a struggle for him and the way he would get along with his players would be somewhat of a concern.  For me, he would be a very high risk/kind of high reward guy and if I am Frank Klopas, that trade-off is just not worth it.   


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  • I'm also interested in the job too. There would be no reward to having Wynalda. He is just a headcase and would be a disaster. Worse than Hamlett and I thought that would be impossible to even say...

  • Probably a bad idea. I would like to see Armas do it out of the current rumored people, because we don't have anyone from a higher playing level, so hire Armas.

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    do you work in the Fire's front office?

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    Wynalda is a JOKE!!!! Juergen Klinsmann just announced that he is moving back to the States... lets get him!!!!


  • You cannot use the argument of no coaching experience with Wynalda, while at the same time being excited about Armas taking the job. Armas has no coaching experience also. Wynalda's playing career is much more reputable that Armas'. I love Chris Armas, don't get me wrong. However, Wynalda's playing resume far exceeds Armas.

    Armas would be more defensive than anything. I think with Wynalda we would get something completly different and interesting.
    Head coach- Wynalda Asst Coach- Chris Armas........ just a thought

  • I'd still rather have Harkes than WhineAllDay.

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