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Yesterday, Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America came out with a report that stated -- amongst other things -- that the Fire's head coaching search is nearing its end. Citing a source within the Fire organization, [the report stated that the search is down to two former Fire players: ex-D.C. head coach Tom Soehn and current Chivas USA player Jesse Marsch](http://www.socceramerica.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Articles.showArticleHomePage&art_aid=35892).

Today, a different source within the Fire organization has come out and said that the Soccer America report is false. Describing the search as "not that far along" and just past "the first round of the interview process," my source said that the Fire isn't really near a final two candidates. It was emphasized that Technical Director Frank Klopas is taking his time with the search to ensure that he hires the right man for the job.

The Soccer America report also states that the Fire has interviewed current assistant coach Mike Jeffries, former Kansas City head coach Curt Onalfo and former Fire player Chris Armas. The source didn't mention anything about Jeffries or Onalfo but did say that the Fire has not interviewed Armas at any time in the search process.

The source also said that the Fire is looking inside MLS, outside MLS and outside the country for their next head coach.

Lastly, the source said to not expect any hire to be made in the next week which -- given the fact that the holiday season is in full swing -- doesn't come as very much of a surprise. That said, the Fire would still like to have a head coach in place before the January 14th draft.


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  • They might as well have kept Hamlett for Godsake! Are you kidding me!
    Tom Soehn is terrible, Marsch is hack now and would be a terrible pick for a coach.

    If it's down to these two, I'm glad I don't have season tickets anymore. Klopas is dropping the ball right now...

  • I dont think we have to have a coach by the draft. We know what we need/want. We need a left back, attacking midfielder, forward. Thats not going to change between now and the middle of January and its not going to change with the new manager. I really hope it is not Jesse Marsch. He might be one of my least favorite ex-Fire players. Him and Evan Whitfield...

    We need to be looking in a completely different direction for the coach. Nobody associated with the club please. Something new and exciting. I speak for myself in saying this but I'm tired of watching this team have a good start, then have about a month and a half of terrible soccer and then start to play a little better before crashing out in the playoffs. We need a coach to gets some consistency in the locker room and play well, or atleast try to, the whole season.

  • When I saw the sidebar in the trib today with that information, I struggled to control myself. Both of these two are a step down, not a step up. Of the canidates listed, Armas is the best. I still want to get someone from abroad. I mean, there's a reason Onalfo and Soehn can't get jobs anywhere else. They failed. Get someone succesful. Marsch is a terrible choice, he's not Armas, he hasn't been the leader of our team. I still believe in Klopas. He'll make the right choice.

  • Is there any possibility that the Fire can get Jurgen Klinnsman as head coach?? Being that hes now permanatley living in the states..

  • In reply to fadil44:

    Chances aren't good. If he has interest, Klinsmann would likely demand a high salary -- something the Fire hasn't been willing to give to head coaches under Andrew Hauptman.

  • In reply to fadil44:

    You don't go from Germany to Bayern and then to the Fire. Maybe in 15 years or so when his career is coming to an end but it would not be a wise career move for him.

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