Monday Morning (cough, afternoon, cough) Poll Question: Will the U.S. beat England?

Ever since Friday's World Cup Draw placed the U.S. and England in the same group I've had one thought racing through my mind. Will the Americans baste the Cornish game hens of those limeys and trample their arses up and down the pitch? Or will the English reforge the bonds of the British Empire and massacre the Yanks like it's 1770?

And while there's still over six months to go before the Yanks and Brits collide, the time's always right to start making predictions. With that in my mind and patriotism in my heart, I've created a little poll for you all.

My vote? A draw. Red-blooded Americans could never lose to a bunch of fish-and-chip eating sissies with bad teeth. That doesn't mean they'll beat them though.

Let's keep the trash talk flowing. Please direct your barbs at either England or the U.S. (or even me if you like). English accents preferred.


Also, [reports out of Honduras have the U.S. and Honduras scheduled for a friendly match this January]( The match won't be played on a FIFA International fixture date, meaning that European based players won't be required to release any American or Honduran players for the match.

Finally, [the BBC is reporting that the U.S. and Northern Ireland are setting themselves up for a friendly match]( The game would likely take place in either March or May.


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  • I choose draw, mate. The Yankees aren't going down that easily to our footy stars! I'd love to discuss it over a pint, but it's not possible. Top-drawer post mate! Cheers! I have to run to the loo now. G'bye!
    (I'm Irish, so a little bit bitter.

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