Fire in talks with De los Cobos


You knew I couldn't stay away didn't you?

Mexican newspaper Record is linking Carlos De los Cobos, current head coach of El Salvador's National Team, [with the Fire](

De los Cobos, 51, said that he will be leaving the Salvadoran "selection" when his contract expires at the end of the year. Though he said he had been interviewed by both a club team and a national side (neither of which he named), De los Cobos made it clear that he would prefer to manage a club next season.

El Salvador advanced to the final round of World Cup Qualifying for the first time since 1997 under the eye of De los Cobos, who -- along with leading El Salvador -- has managed first and second division Mexican clubs when he entered coaching in 1993.

"There is a lot of thoughtfulness in this negotiation and I want to respect the contact with them," he said. "The management has asked me out of respect, and because my contract with El Salvador is valid, that I not mention the name of the team yet. But all is going very well and next week we could have news and reach a good agreement."


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  • Fine with me. Thats all we have asked for. A coach from outside the MLS to come in and try something new and this would be it.

  • I don't like it... he looks too much like Vinny Del Negro.

  • Anyone know a whole lot about this guy's style of play, attitude, etc? We don't know how good he is until we know that. El Salvador is decent, right?

  • Im sold!

  • Interesting! How is his english?

  • Looks like he coached Blanco at America in '96. hmmmm.....

  • In reply to cesba:

    I really hope that we don't bring him back. If he goes to the WC with Mexico, he would have played 2 years straight with no break at almost 90 years old. He would be our Paolo Wanchope of the post season...

  • Is that really a terrible question considering 95 percent of the team only speaks English? It shouldn't affect Klopas' decision but it is not a bad question. A lot more useful than protein shake info, that's for sure.

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