Crystal Clear

I wrote yesterday about my desire to see the Fire transform from a team that relies on the long ball to one that can use a more possession based buildup while attacking.

It appears (wink, wink) that [Frank Klopas was reading](

> "First of all, the goal of the organization is to win a championship. The second thing is to win games and to play attractive and exciting soccer. The best way to fill those aims is to play offensive soccer, the kind of soccer based on tactical organization. The modern game includes dynamic movement off the ball and tactical ideas as a unit. These days you don't rely on one or two players. That's something that the coach brings together when you see the team on the field -- that they're together and in sync, moving quickly, with attacking ideas. That's the modern coach. That kind of style is our goal, and we are working toward accomplishing that. It might not happen in one week, or one month, but I've got a crystal clear idea of this team as a whole."

>-Fire Technical Director Frank Klopas, as told to ESPN Chicago's Charlie Corr in a Q + A published Monday night That quote comes on the heels of Klopas telling me last week that he wants to see the Fire become a "team that can be dynamic on the field, that can have good movement off the ball, and that can go forward moving quickly."

So it looks like we'll be seeing a much different style of play at Toyota Park next year. We could be witnessing the slow demise of the long ball and the beginnings of a more attractive brand of attacking in Bridgeview.

I for one think that would be for the better, but I want to hear your thoughts about it too...

And on somewhat of a tangent, I want to go on the record as to say that Klopas is killing it this offseason. All of his moves thus far have been the right ones and if he brings in a head coach that buys into his attacking vision (which I have no doubt that he will, considering he's the one making the hire...) the Fire should be in for an exciting 2010.


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  • Wow. Klopas is awesome! I bet he'll steal GBS. I think he will be successful. Thanks, Frank!

  • we want Juergen Klinsmann!!!!

  • I hear Frank is looking at Tom Soehn and Jesse Marsch to make his vision come alive.

  • The new coach will be coming into the perfect situation. Klopas is going to hire a coach that wants to play attacking football and we have some good players to do that with. I dont know what that means for Logan Pause because he is the opposite of attacking football so he might be the odd man out. If we could find a way to move Ward into Pauses position AND sign GBS, we will be as good as last year if not better. GBS is that type of player. He is the guy that could make Mapp look like the kid he used to be before he went to Copa America a couple years ago.

  • does that mean Osorio is coming back?

  • To follow in to that article by Charlie Corr- Klopas refers to the loss of Rolfe, and he says he thinks of Rolfe as a forward. So to read between the lines, DH playing Rolfe out of position was a major problem. And you could make the case that Patrick with his speed needed to be up front. But to cross reference to Ditka and Payton, Walter stayed on the field while a young Neal Anderson learned things from the fullback spot. So too should Nyarko have been put in the midfield not Rolfe. ( Ok Rolfe is not quite Payton, but the comparison is fair.)

  • What, exactly, have Klopas' offseason moves been to this point? Pick up options on McBride and Brown. Wow. Epic. What else?

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