Mid-Week Update: Game 1 Reaction

Everton FC v Chicago Fire

Hey everyone, I just got off the phone with Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett and I got quite a bit of reaction to the 2-1 Game 1 loss to the New England Revolution.

A lot of the quotes are same old, same old from Denis (funny how that happens when the team struggles with the same problems over and over again...) but all the same I thought I would share it with you guys. So, without any further ado, here's Hamlett's take on Sunday's 2-1 loss to the Revolution.

**Overall Reaction:**

"I think for stretches in that game we played well," said Hamlett. "We made some mental mistakes which I think cost us the game but I think all in all we can take some positives out of that game."

**And what positives would those be?**

"I thought we had a good start to the game and I thought we created some good chances... I thought for the most part in the run of play and we limited their opportunities but we fell asleep on set plays [and they punished us]." **On his frustration watching his team give up two set play goals after stressing the importance of limiting dead ball opportunities in the buildup to the match:**

"It was frustrating, especially with the first goal coming right before the half. If you can get into halftime 1-0 you're feeling good and we had a chance to clear the ball, Mike Banner didn't do a good job of clearing it and we put ourselves in a bad spot. Then we fouled and in the end [Kenny Mansally] puts a good ball across the goal and we fall asleep on the run with the guy and he makes the header right in front of Buschy."

**Saturday night's game could come down to PK's. Here's Hamlett's take on how he selects penalty takers (he wouldn't share a possible penalty lineup with me...):**

"Well you see who's a good taker and it all comes down to who wants to take a kick. You can sit there during the week and say 'this guy looks good' and he gets [up there] and the pressure gets to him and they don't want to take. It's something that you have in mind, the list of guys that you want and the moment comes and you check and say 'hey who wants in?'"

That's all from me for the day, but I'll be back tomorrow with an injury update on Fire players Gonzalo Segares, Tim Ward, John Thorrington and Wilman Conde. Stay tuned.


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  • That just tells me that there is no plan for PKs either because he doesn't care or just because we will lose and he doesn't care. Seems to me like there are lots of coaching jobs available in NY, Kansas, DC, and Toronto, maybe assistant in Philly. Also seems to me the plan whatever plan was last week is the same.

  • In reply to Adam25:

    2 conference championships in 2 years...Are you kidding me?? We'll take it in DC. Have your delirious owner send him to DC.

  • According to mlsnet Segares is listed as "out" and he says he's probably done for the year. I guess we'll just continue to play a guy who can't play left back at left back.

    It's a good thing we signed an experienced defender just in case this happened......oh wait.....that's right, we never did and Hamlett refuses to play the defender we did sign.

    You can paste his responses after every loss this year and I dare anyone to tell them apart.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Hamlett didn't rule Gonzalo out of Saturday's match, but judging from what he told me today (more on this in tomorrow's post...) it doesn't look good for Gonzalo to play on Saturday.

  • In reply to cesba:

    could you take all of your past interviews with Hamlett and see if it's not exactly the same EVERY SINGLE TIME? bla bla bla set pieces. bla bla bla injury uncertainty. Same ol' Same ol' is right.

  • In reply to cesba:

    Sam, I have stopped waiting to read your interviews with Hamlett because there is nothing he knows and says that will give us anymore insight to what we haven't seen on the field already. I know you can't be overly critical with him, as he is your contact and source with the team, but your readers (us) are very frustrated with him at the moment.

  • In reply to waamsy:

    I understand where you're coming from Waamsy. I was able to speak with CJ Brown and Logan Pause today and they'll be quoted extensively in the preview tomorrow so hopefully they'll offer you guys a fresher take on things.

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