McBride Nominated for Comeback Player of the Year

Fire vs DC United

It was announced yesterday that Fire forward Brian McBride has been nominated as a finalist for the 2009 MLS Comeback Player of the Year award.

McBride, who is competing with D.C. United midfielder Ben Olsen and Chivas USA keeper Zach Thornton for the award, lead the Fire in scoring with seven goals this season despite missing eight weeks with a torn right labrum.

Finalists for the award, which will be handed out on November 10th, were determined by the votes of MLS players, general managers, coaches, referees and media. Personally, I'm not really sure why McBride is nominated for the award. To be sure, Brian had a good season but I wouldn't call it a 'comeback,' as the Arlington Heights native enjoyed a good return season to MLS in 2008 -- recording six goals and two assists in just 14 games.

All the same, it's good to see Brian get recognized for his efforts and I'm sure he is proud of receiving the honor. I would be surprised if he won (both Thornton and Olsen came back from more significant setbacks than McBride's mid-season injury) but to be named as a finalist is an accomplishment in itself.

I'll be back later on in the day with another post or two, so check back for that. Until then, enjoy some highlights.


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  • As much as I would like to say he is a comeback player of the year, I cant. Yes he gets a shot on goal every now and then, and yes, he is better in the air than most. But Brian McBride's MLS return as been a Failure in my opinion. His success on the pitch depends heavily on accurate and constant service from his midfielders. At Fulham he had this and more, with a faster game and better players, he flourished. However in the MLS this is not so. With out it, he is an average veteran MLS player who lacks creativity and skill on the ball to be an impact player. He disappears from matches as Mapp does on the wing, and fails to be an to be a strength down the stretch. Both him and Blanco are the slowest players on the field, yet at least Blanco offers a dynamic on the ball McBride doesnt have, creativity. You may think i'm nuts for calling the great US Hero Brian McBride an "Average player", but I plead with all of you to see past his pedigree and see the result on the field. When he is on the field (Which is always because Brian McBride is FORBIDDEN to ever come off the field no matter how bad he is playing, contrary to the likes of a better and more effective player aka Blanco!) he forces a tactical strategy of wing crosses and air balls, which removes a ground game that is so essential and removes all creativity from our midfield. I have watched to many years of Fire soccer where the midfield in completely eliminated by long balls to the forwards from our inept defenders. Needless to say, Unless McBride is on a set piece or takes his RARE shot on goal, he is a lost player on the field and deters the Fire from developing a offensive flow to win games. Finally, I would like to point out the amount of goals we have scored on corners, which is the majority of set pieces, the main reason, a player like McBride is brought in. It is non-existent. To have a strategy that focuses on air balls to a tall, strong forward and have a player of McBride's Pedigree to fill that, I see his season as a failure and a career that should be done at the end of the season. We need speed and creativity up top, not a slow McBride who continuously stops play and does not make an impact to must win games.

  • In reply to TKing:

    Wow!! Great response and 100% on target. My vote for "Come back POTY" would be old Zach Thornton whom I think has been a major, major factor in Chivas' success this year. Just looking at the weight he has lost and he saved the game against the Fire with his fingertip deflection on a great shot by Rolfe. This year I personally think Zach is the man--not BMB.

  • In reply to TKing:

    I disagree, mcbride adds more to the fire than just a target player to send crosses into. He provides an outlet for bush and the defense to send the ball up to when no other options are available. His abillity to win the balls in the air and flick them into the running chicago players is second to none, this gives the fire a more "creative" way to attack rather than just costantly building up through the midfield. unlike most players in this league, Mcbride also has the abillity to recieve the ball and hold it up. This allows other players on the team time to catch up and gives the fire more attacking outlits going forward. Mcbride isn't that bad at shooting either, considering he had 9 goals in 25 games this season(including Superliga), and 3 of his shots were saved by goal of the week nominations, 1 winning that award. He was the fire's top scorer this season (despite being sidelined for 2 months), scoring more than all of the fire players who have the qualities you claim that mcbride is lacking. I applaud Thornton for his increadable season, but Mcbride is not as far off as you claim. The fire need him next year, it would be a depressing day to see him leave this club.

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