McBride Injury Update

Brian McBride, Shalrie Joseph

After aggressively challenging New England keeper Matt Reis for a ball in the 52nd minute of Saturday night's decisive Game 2 victory over the Revolution, Fire forward Brian McBride had to be taken off of the field due to injury.

McBride, who missed 8 weeks earlier this year with a torn right labrum, picked up a knock on his [IT band]( in the collision, stiffening his leg to the point that he wasn't able to effectively run.

"It was just a collision," said McBride of the injury. "I took a knee to my IT band and my back and I couldn't get my leg loose to bend meaning I couldn't fully run."

The Fire is optimistic that McBride will be able to return to the field in time for Saturday's Eastern Conference Final against Real Salt Lake. "It should be fine by the weekend," McBride said. "It's just a matter of me being aggressive with it and getting the fluid out of there."

McBride's injury paved the way for forward Patrick Nyarko to come on the field -- a move that completely changed the outlook of the game.

"When McBride went down and we brought Patrick on we changed a little bit," said Fire Head Coach Denis Hamlett. "We became a real fast team up front and we could really stretch them."

The speed that Nyarko brought to the attack ended up paying enormous dividends for the Fire -- as Nyarko chased down and stripped Revolution defender Emmanuel Osei of the ball before setting up Cuauhtemoc Blanco for the series winning goal.

"To his credit [Nyarko] chased down a ball that he probably had no business getting. He made a play out of that and obviously Temo did well and finished it," Hamlett said.

So -- back to the point of the post -- it looks like McBride will be just fine for Saturday's game against RSL. I'll keep updating the situation as the week goes on though so look for more info on McBride's status as we get closer and closer to the weekend.


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  • Hey thanks so much for this update!!, After he went down my heart almost pumped out! .. Anyways though we all know that nyarko did a great job in replacing him last game, BUT Mcbride should still be considered the #1 striker up front, I just hope that dennis doesnt limit brians playing time because of this minor injury or the fact that nyarko played well last game. Whatever the case is I just hope that mcbride plays the full 90 like he always does because if he doesnt start or even gets subbed off it would really be a spit in the face to the legend.

  • In reply to fadil44:

    Sorry but I am not sure BMB has added much since he has been back from his injury and very little since last May. I am not sure what the problem is but at least Nyarko gives us a little bit of spice up front so I guess I would lean more toward a Nyarko/Rolfe pairing than using BMB.

  • In reply to Toby:

    "Spitting in the face of a legend" happens when the "legend" gets surpassed by someone younger. This is the playoffs, not a sentimental last game celebration so you put the players on the field who give you the best chance to win and don't worry about "spitting in the face of a legend."

  • In reply to Toby:

    I dont even know how you can find the nerve to talk down on mcbride like that, he is the main reason why I love soccer. Theres only a few players like him in world that are as agressive and who put 110% and play their hearts out every game like he does. To back up him for not playing up to ''your standards'' ... his type of game requires him to have players who could read him properly and the only player who gets his game on this team is blanco. Forget nyarko and rolfe as long as you have mcbride and blanco everybody else are just witnesses.

  • No info on that as of yet. I'll work on getting that for you though Janjo.

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