Fire vs. RSL Sold Out

Chicago Fire fans

Tickets for the Saturday night's Eastern Conference Final between the Fire and Real Salt Lake sold out today. The sellout is the second consecutive for the Fire - who will sell a very limited amount of standing room only tickets for the game.

If you're sitting on some cash, you can buy the so called "FieldSide West" tickets for $250 a pop. However, of that $250, $150 of it will go towards a season ticket deposit for the 2010 season.

If neither of those options pan out for you, don't fear, you can still catch the game at Toyota Park. The Fire will be hosting a "Party in the Parking Lot" in the East lot of Toyota Park Saturday night. You'll be able to catch the game on a Jumbotron in the lot and should the Fire win there will be a postgame celebration there.

If you'd rather watch the match in the warmth and comfort of you own home the game will be broadcast on FSC/FSE.

So, let's hear it, who is all going to the game? Anyone gonna brave the parking lot? Maybe splurge on those field side tickets?



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  • It's a shame all those folks are going to witness a crushing home-team loss that will leave them crying till next season! You've had a great season, Chicago, but it is time it came to an end. Go RSL!!!

  • In reply to rideacruiser:

    You just wait and see.

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    @ RSL - It's a shame that you are in the role of the Red Bulls of last year, follow that example into your loss filled 2010 season. Come to think of it, the difference between RSL now and Red Bulls then, will be that RSL gets ELIMINATED one game earlier this season than did NY last year. *Simpsons Laugh*
    PS - your soccer bar will never beat The Globe Pub - you lose again every time you try to drink the pain away.

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    Ah, getting a little fiesty, eh?! WE SHALL SEE on Saturday who keeps their COOL. Certainly not the Fire, I predict.

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    You still have a change to score Fire tickets for tomorrow's game!!!!

  • In reply to rideacruiser:

    So sorry guys...really I am! Believe me, we know how it feels to loose in the Semi's...It was our game from the beginning and you know it. Rimando came up big!!! To the Cup!


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